Political parties in the Kodiak Republic

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Political Parties have been legal in the Kodiak Republic since the year 639, after a decision by the Seathenia Provincial Court declared political organisation a right under Article 4 of the Constitution. Attempts at official parties existed prior to this ruling, but none held any meaningful influence. Only the DLPK existed both before and after the ruling, but was disbanded after poor electoral performance in 642.

Current Political Parties

- Name Abbr. Ideology Leader Founded
DPPKlogo.png The Democratic Progress Party of Kodiak DPPK Techno-Progressivism
Social Capitalism
Tobias Virsturm 639
Kwplogo.png The Kodiak Workers' Party KWP Council Socialism
Charlotte Groves 639
Kup new logo.jpg The National Unity Party NUP Conservative Democracy
Social Capitalism
Aaron Tonnesen 639
Federalist Party Logo.png The Centrist Kodiak Alliance CKA Radical Centrism
Immanuel von Zeppelin 651

Former Political Parties

- Name Abbr. Ideology Leader Years Active Reason
Cacspo party symbol.png The Chest and Co Sponsored Political Office CACSPO Classic Liberalism
Yungly Shaon 639 - 653 Deregistered for lack of membership.
Negk square.png New Economy for the Generation of Kodiak NEGK Eco-Socialism
Gustave Bernier 648-650 Forcibly dissolved for faking memberships.
TTF logo.png Together For Freedom TFF Capitalism
Phil Kirk 648 - 649 Merged into the NUP.
NUETK logo.png New United Economy and Trade for Kodiak NUETK Vanguardism
Leon Aguilar 648 - 649 Merged into the NEGK.
SIP symbol.png The Soldiers and Isolationists Party SIP Isolationism
Leonidas Agiades 644 - 644 Dissolved when leader arrested for illegal activities.
Keplogo.png The Kodiak Environmentalists Party KEP Ecopolitics
Erin Lezi 644 - 644 Dissolved voluntarily.
AND party symbol.png The Alliance for National Democracy AND Centrism
Andrew Summersons 640 - 644 Forcibly dissolved for faking memberships.
TJC logo.png The Jacobin Club TJC State Capitalism
Weebus Mobius 640 - 643 Dissolved voluntarily.
DLPK party symbol.png The Democratic Labour Party of Kodiak DLPK
(now NUP)
Social Democracy
Social Liberalism
Wesley Karlsson 638 - 642 Dissolved voluntarily.
The Progress Party (No Platform) TPP Unknown P. Moo Nike 637 - 637 Dissolved voluntarily.
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