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My fellow Kodiakers, Kodiak is our home. It is a nation built on the struggles and sacrifices of our forebears so that generations to come can flourish and prosper. But our Kodiak is a work-in-progress, and we believe that democracy can bring people together to build futures in which peace, harmony and prosperity are achieved.
Government policies and decisions affect every Kodiaker, but every Kodiaker is affected differently. Some may benefit, while others have their lives made worse. Only when the government is honest and transparent; only when we have a robust legal system; and only when we possess a strong framework for democratic participation at every level of society; only then those who are struggling behind can be uplifted and empowered.
As the old adage puts it: If you give a man a fish, he will eat it within a day; but if you teach a man to fish, he will eat for a lifetime. We believe that uplifting and empowering the most underprivileged in society is key to the future we want – through education, upskilling, social inclusion, and validation of their worth. What is the future worth, if not with all of us reaching there together?
We believe in building a future for Kodiak that is defined by compassion and kindness and where no one is left behind. We believe in a just and fair society where everyone is recognised of their innate worth and dignity, and are validated as such. We believe in working hard together in unison work for the common good, regardless of our differences. We believe in the virtue of national and societal solidarity through democracy. We work for the people, with the people, for Kodiak.
We are the Alliance for National Democracy (AND).

Yours sincerely,
Andrew Summersons
Party Leader
Alliance for National Democracy

Our Emblem

Our emblem consists of only two colours: blue and white. Blue symbolises perseverance to work towards a better future for Kodiakers, and courage to do what is right to ensure that future is realised. White symbolises our commitment to ensuring that our government is honest, transparent and adheres to the provisos of the Constitution of the Kodiak Republic. It also symbolises our commitment to rational and peaceful participation in national politics.
Finally, the star of the emblem: the ampersand (&). It symbolises our commitment to democracy, and its potential for uniting Kodiakers regardless of background. It also symbolises our commitment to inclusivity in democratic processes and discourse, where all rational voices deserve a place on the table. Our party’s acronym, ‘AND’, was deliberately chosen to complement the symbol.

Our Vision

A Kodiak for the People, With the People.

Our Core Objectives

  • Competitive yet Sustainable Kodiak Economy
  • Compassionate & Equitable Kodiak Society
  • Strong National Defence of the Kodiak Republic
  • Public Participation in Policymaking where Possible

Our Main Policy Points


  • Keep corporate taxes low enough to encourage competitiveness, but high enough for redistribution via public expenditure.
  • Government funding of industrial innovation in tech, AI and automation, and e-commerce sectors.


  • A tripartite partnership between government, unions and industry for the setting of minimum wage levels and employment rights.
  • Special tribunal resolve industrial and employment disputes.
  • National fund for subsidising courses for gaining, changing and advancing employment.


  • The creation of nationally-applicable cross-industry standards for corporate social and environmental responsibility that is aligned to international standards.
  • The enactment of a strategic assessment law and green building and construction codes.


  • Subsidised school fees from primary/elementary to university for all Kodiak citizens.
  • Establish and accredit public trade schools as alternatives to mainstream academic-focused education route.
  • Support innovation in pedagogy and educational psychology to improve academic experience.


  • Implementation of progressive income tax model.
  • Dispensation of unemployment benefits based on periodic physiological and psychological assessments.
  • Mandate a nation-wide ‘Health and Well-Being’ day in workplaces and schools every month with guaranteed paid leave.


  • Heavily subsidised healthcare for all Kodiak citizens.
  • Establish a social security account for all Kodiakers to be contributed monthly by government, employers, and individual to pay for medical expenses and fund retirement.
  • Special national fund for subsidising elderly undergoing long-term medical care.


  • The adoption of an explicit right to a good and healthy environment in the Constitution.
  • The enactment of a comprehensive environmental statute, with rules on public access to environmental information and public participation.
  • Designate at least 70% of existing natural areas as nature reserves.


  • A rigorous but fair immigration policy. Applicants must undergo strict background checks alongside physiological and psychiatric assessments.
  • Create special schemes for the migration of skilled workers to fill industry gaps.
  • Asylum seekers and refugees are welcome but subject to same rigorous process.


  • The creation of military reserves through mandatory conscription of all able-bodied persons upon reaching 18 years of age.
  • The re-creation of a Kodiak Coast Guard unit.
  • The creation of a counter-terrorism taskforce.


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