Proposed Laws

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These are a list of topics currently being discussed in the General Assembly on Discord.


The assembly may have a total of five proposal items on the floor at a time. Two slots are saved for Government Sponsored Bills, two slots are saved for Non-Government Bills, and one slot is saved for Reviews, Foreign Affairs, and Treaties.

Resolutions below are listed in order to be presented to the assembly.

Government Sponsored Bills

Independent Members Bills

  1. The Kodiak Bank Act, 657
  2. The Regional Flag Resolution, 658
  3. Space Partnership with Joint Research Institutes Act, 658
  4. Amendment to the Constitution of the Most Serene Republic of Kodiak
  5. The Presidents Act, 659

Automatic Reviews, Foreign Affairs, and Treaties

Not in Docket

Incomplete/not yet presented to President

Withdrawn Before Vote

Policy Discussions

These are items that were pulled for further discussion but require a new proposal for introduction. Many are holdovers from the old forum and may no longer be relevant to the Discord's needs.

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