National Survey Act

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ACTION by the General Assembly on ## MONTH ###. ## AYE, ## NAY, ## ABSTAIN.
A bill that instructs the executive branch to create a political, geographic, and transportation map of the nation.

Article 1: Survey

1.1. The Ministry of Commerce and Labor is required to publish a report to the General Assembly about the nation of Kodiak itself and explain the following.
1.1.1 Create a universal political map including all cities and provincial borders
1.1.2 Conduct a Census of citizens and non citizens
1.1.3 Create a universal geographic map including important land features like mountains and lakes.
1.1.4 Create a Transportation map listing all roads and railroads across the nation.
1.1.5 List all provinces including their populations and their top 5 largest cities.
1.1.6 List the demographics of all citizens of each province and identify people groups.
1.1.7 Explore the history of the nation and its cities.
1.2. Upon passage, the Ministry may call a Commission made up of any member of the General Assembly to help with the report. These commissioners and assembly members can provide the history of a certain region of Kodiak to add to the report.
1.3. Once the report is done, the Ministry must submit the report to the General Assembly for adoption and post on the nation’s website.
1.4. The Assembly hereby allocates 5 million Florins to the making of the report.

Tabled by Joe Fala, DPPK

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