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Welcome to the The Kodiak Republic Wiki!

Whether you are new to government roleplay, or an old hat in this global community of ours, you are very welcome. If you simply cannot wait to get involved and meet everyone, please feel free to jump straight to the Discord and apply to take part in the Assembly. If you need any help, a citizen of Kodiak is right around the corner, so please feel free to give us a shout and we will see what we can do for you!

Who are we? The Kodiak Republic is a nation that is community first, we do this for friendship, fun, and having a good time with our government roleplay. To us, why bother doing any of this if we are not enjoying it and meeting good people to spend our precious time with? The Kodiak Republic, otherwise known as TKR, is a democracy for the people where the power to make change truly exists in the peoples’ hands in both the Chancellery (the elected government) and the General Assembly (the legislature where all citizens participate).

Our founding pillars of this society revolve around the importance of democracy of the people, integrity in all we do, equality for all people, and finally, community. As a community we recognise that people come from all sorts of places, with all sorts of history, and should be free from discrimination and free to have a voice. These pillars focus on things that build the foundation to a strong, safe, and friendly community to spend your time in. That is important.

As a democracy, we believe that the people should be enfranchised to have a say, rather than keeping power within a small circle of popularity, our governing bodies are designed such that every voice can be heard regardless of perceived importance. If you are new to mock-government, you will have the opportunity to participate and add your flavour of ideas to an ever-growing community with an ever-growing repertoire of opportunity.

Below are some major contents pages to help you read about our history and legal system. If you wish to contribute to the wiki, you can navigate here to learn how to create a page.

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