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OOC Kodiak history mentioned here is the real life background to the creation of the roleplay nation of the Kodiak Republic.

The Kodiak Republic was initially created as a region in the online browser game NationStates in April of 2008. Since 2021, Kodiak has attempted to become a roleplay independent of NationStates with its own unique gameplay charactersistics and simulations.


Early History

National founder Rykkland began Olympiatus as an Anthenian Democracy in October 2006. Olympiatus (as well as a number of other Classical Greek and Roman themed regions) was approached for integration into the Praetorian Empire (TPE) in September 2007. The Praetorian Empire was an Imperialist and Roman themed region run by a user named Sergeant General. TPE had also assimilated the strong regions of Autropolis (run by Ellenburg and Welsh Pirates) and Westmoore (run by Bromannikha and Hadisthe). Throughout 2007, TPE had been staffed by a number of active people who in July revolted against Sergeant General and founded their own region the Last Kingdom in July 2007.

The Last Kingdom

The Last Kingdom founder Bromannikha started TLK with a group of other players (Ellenburg, Agnovilan, Hadisthe, Welsh Pirates) in July of 2007 after a disagreement with Sergeant General over the nature of government and control. It was within this collapse of government that some members (Rogernomics of TPE began courting support from 01 Eastern Roman Empire (01ERE). Rykkland was recruited by TLK in October of 2007 to lead as speaker of the house of commons (at that time the title was erroneously "Viscount").

TLK became a major imperialist force in NationStates, invading a number of regions under the "Lamplighters" campaign. After some attacks on 01ERE protected regions, a cold war was established between the two regions. The region grew to over 300 members at its height and was a major international military force, while also being a mostly disrespected diplomatic power.

Rykkland grew the speaker position into a Prime Minister position and had begun to transfer powers from the Monarch into the House of Commons. In March of 2008, the King Bromannikha dissolved the constitution to regain his state authority and a movement against the king developed. Attempts at reconciliation were made but Bromannikha refused to share state authority with the parliament and Kodiak was founded as a break away region.

Revolutionary Kodiak

Kodiak was founded as a parliamentary democracy on 15 April 2008 by TLK members Rykkland, the Graz, Divisonal France, Kareu, Nedinud, Lambrinisia, The Black Virus, NeSydriel, Old Sacae, Commie Chris, Michael the Great Man. The region rocketted to over 120 members in less than a month, and established international relations with a number of other constitutional democracies. Much of the Kodiak Culture was established in this time by legendary member burncourt.

It was during this time that Bromannikha faked his real life death. This caused new attempts at TLK-Kodiak reconciliation, and after some concessions from King Hadisthe Kodiak reintegrated into TLK in late May of 2008. The original Kodiak forum was deactivated. 01ERE then colonised the original region of Kodiak and activated a new Kodiak forum, ensuring that the old forum could never be recovered.

It became quickly evident that Hadisthe had no plans to empower the House of Commons of TLK. Rykkland managed to gather enough evidence to force a confession from Bromannikha that he did in fact fake his death. The outrage at these circumstances convinced many members of TLK to leave at this time. Kodiak was rebuilt as The Kodiak Republic on 28 July 2008 bringing major TLK members Smurfosity, Martang, Seathen, Opash, West Dhaka.

Early Kodiak

The Long Sleep

Contemporary Kodiak

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