How to create a new page

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There are several ways to create a page on our Wiki. For those that are familiar with wiki's, Miraheze (our host) is powered by MediaWiki so the methods are the same.

Create from Search

1. At the top of the page enter a search string that represents your intended page or article name. You can then see if the page already exists or not.

Create page from search step 1 - Search for your page name to see if it exists

2. You should see 0 or more search results. If the unique page name does not exist there will be a red 'create link'. Click on this link.

Create page from search step 2 - Create the page with the create link

3. You should now see the source editor for your page. Have fun! Tip: If you are unsure about creating from source, click the 'Create' link to switch to the text editor instead. The source editor is a lot more powerful, if you ever have the inclination to learn how to use it!

Create page from search step 3 - Source editor

Create from direct link

1. You can also manually go to a page, if it doesn't exist you will have the option to create it. Simply navigate your browser to, replacing NAME OF YOUR PAGE with the page name. I recommend you use _ (underscores) instead of spaces.

Create page from search step 1 - Direct linking

2. You will arrive at a page like below if it doesn't already exist. Click the 'Create' or 'Create Source' button to begin! Have fun!

Create page from search step 2 - Open editor

Create a user page

All users have access to a personal page they can use to create a page with. Players often use this to create character pages, or just relevant notes about their gameplay. To access this page simply click on your username in the header above any wiki page.

Create page from search step 1 - Click on username for personal user page

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