Energy and Technology Act

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ACTION by the General Assembly on ## MONTH ###. ## AYE, ## NAY, ## ABSTAIN.
A bill that creates the Ministry of Energy and Technology.

Article 1: The Ministry of Energy and Technology

1.1. Assembly hereby creates the Ministry of Energy and Technology.
1.2. The funding of the Ministry will come from the 5% of the general fund starting next year starting off. The General assembly is free to make changes to the rate when a new budget bill is proposed.
1.3. The Ministry will be governed by the Energy Minister who is appointed by the Chancellor and confirmed by the General Assembly.

Article 2: Powers of the Ministry

2.1. The General Assembly delegates the following powers to the Ministry of Energy and technology.
2.2. The Ministry shall regulate the nation’s power grid and internet.
2.3. The Ministry shall investigate new technologies and test, investigate, and approve for public use for the safety of the people.
2.4. The Ministry shall regulate television and radio networks and make sure no network uses the same frequency.
2.5. The Ministry shall regulate the fuels including oil, electric, hydrogen or any fuel that is used in transportation.
2.6. Any power can be added by the General Assembly if deemed appropriate.
2.7. Article 2 of this bill takes effect once an Energy Minister is approved by the General Assembly.

Tabled by Joe Fala.

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