Legislative Agenda

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I think we will want to start work on the NS legislation required to run the region smoothly.
I have some suggestions listed here, and would appreciate any feedback/help you can provide.
The list isn't in any particular order; its just a list of common NS/Forum-related acts we may want to make sooner rather than later.
  • Creation of Political Parties
  • Foreign Affairs/Embassies
  • Citizenship Procedures/Residency Requirements
  • Code of Conduct
  • Administrator/Global Moderators
  • General Assembly Rules of Order
  • Elections Procedures
  • Military Policy (or purposeful lack of one)
  • Spam or Off Topic Discussion in Government Threads
  • WA Delegate
  • Classes of NS Crimes (Treason, Malfeasance of Duty, Fraud, etc) and their Consequences
  • Regional Offices, Communication/Dispatches
  • Recruitment Procedures


Are political parties necessary? I think it'd be nice to avoid creating them and let them create themselves if/as necessary. The classic listing below may not accurately capture the nuances of the actual views of our members, for example.
I think for this, maybe something as simple as who is allowed to create them (citizens), and how many members are required to be considered an official political party with its own forum space, and a requirement to be transparent about their goals etc? I don't think parties are going to be overly complicated in this incarnation of Kodiak - and serve more as activity than anything else.
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