Melon Opportunity and Legislative Endorsment Necessities

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A resolution to assign integral roles to the Kodiak Republic's stance on melons.

Article 1 - Title

1.1 - The status of "Aldermelon" as a title shall be created.

  • The title "Aldermelon," will have no official powers, but shall support all variety of melons in the region.

1.2 - The title should be bestowed upon an esteemed member of the General Assembly.

  • Assignment of the title shall be at the discretion of the President and/or Chancellor of the Assembly.

1.3 - Only one member of the General Assembly may hold the title at a time.

Article 2 - Public Displays of Melon Affection

2.1 - A forum to support all forms of melon shall be restored in the Kodiak Republic.

2.2 - The forum shall be opened to show appreciation for all melons.

  • This forum may be opened and closed at the discretion of the Kodiak Republic's administrators and moderators.

2.3 - The "Aldermelon" may declare any day, an Official Day of Melon Appreciation, once per year.

Article 3 - Melon Mint

3.1 - The creation of a special edition coin shall be minted on the declaration of "Official Day of Melon Appreciation."

3.2 - Design elements as a relief on the coin shall be at the discretion of the "Aldermelon."

3.3 - The coins shall be designed with the motto, "In Melons We Trust" as an inscription on the coin.

3.4 - The coin shall have a monetary value of 1 Florin.

  • Gold and silver editions of the may be minted in addition.

Written by Tim/Vikstein

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