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From current discussions, it appears it would be a good idea for the members of the General Assembly to bring forward discussion for establishment of a public service that can provide employment for our people, as well as provide public servants to staff various agencies that may be established by the Government.
I'm unsure if this is a simulation issue, or can remain simply an RP legislation.
However, we should certainly discuss how much detail is required here, and how much should be left to agency establishment via relevant acts from the Government.
Do we need to define the public service in itself? Keeping in mind that it is likely most of the detail of actual agencies themselves would be left to their respective acts where they are more relevant. Whereas a general public service act should define the service itself.
This leaves possible topics including but not limited to establishment of the public service, staffing and diversity, the mission and values of the service, employment opportunities and breach of code/values, public servants and executive level, funding, possibility of protections and unions, and I'm sure other things that I have not considered.
As I alluded to, this could possibly be simply an RP legislation that would be a good exercise in creating an RP act for any number of members to contribute to. However that depends on if the simulation has any effect on something like this - if so then Ministry and Chancellor input would be critical.

Public Service:

So far as the simulation goes, there is no specific public service provision. It is assumed the policies themselves include the necessary funding within that act to also provide for its administration. It is also within the simulation that inexperience, incompetence, and government corruption are included within the price of any particular policy.
If the assembly were to pass an act in regards to the organisation of the public service, it would be exclusively for the enjoyment or aesthetic of so doing. It would also mean that doing so would be 'free' of the cost of political capital.


Thanks for the answer! In that case we would aim to ensure the public service is purely an RP piece of legislation and designed in accordance to our ideals and intentions. It can be assumed that the public service will of course supply various agencies with staff in all required areas such as policy, admin, customer facing, technology, leadership, etc.


From a RP perspective, it is also possible we can create Vice Ministerial positions for members wanting to be involved in this public service element when all main cabinet positions are filled by unique players.
Vice Minister of Defense for Force Modernization
Vice Minister of Justice for Prison Administration
Giving them a narrow focus to take some of the burden off the senior minister on the detailing of these things.
I like this idea as well, it's possible that these positions should be created by the Ministry themselves but a suitable act may grant that power so long as there is GA approval for example.
The public service itself could remain a purely RP act.
Of course there is no reason there can't be a 'super public service' act as well, but this will be a decision that we would have to make regarding this option or if it is easier to separate that more specific Vice Ministry act.


I do think we need a provision to select a Vice Chancellor from the cabinet in case the Chancellor is busy or ill.
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