The Prison Funding Act

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ACTION by the General Assembly on ## MONTH ###. ## AYE, ## NAY ## ABSTAIN.
A act to establish and regulate a national prison system.

Article 1 - National Prisons

1.1 - Prisons are authorized to be established and located in the regional seats of each National Constituency.
1.2 - Prisoners shall by policy be housed in holding cells of a maximum of ten inmates per cell.
1.3 - Cells shall be designed such that each prisoner is guaranteed a minimum 4 meters square of floor space.
1.4 - The Prison System shall be quarterly funded with ₣250,100,000.

Article 2 - Rehabilitation and Policy

2.1 - The purpose of the Kodiak Prison System shall be to punish offenders.
2.2 - Education, Rehabilitation, and Punishment programs shall be quarterly funded with ₣380,200,000.

Article 3 - Repeal of Existing Prisons Act

3.1 - The Prisons Act (644) is repealed by this Act.

Tabled by Jack Williams, DPPK

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