The National Symbols Act (629)

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An act to define the national symbols and emblems of the nation.

Article 1 - National Symbols

1.1 - The Flag

The Flag of the republic shall be a green (#287543) rectangle sided 1.66 : 1, with a white (#FFFFFF) Nordic cross 1/10 the width below a blue (#2146a3) Nordic cross 1/10 the height, crossing at a location 1/2 the height and 1/3 the width of the flag from the hoist. Centred in the canton shall be a white vectored phoenix with wings roughly the shape of a circle.

1.2 - Coat of Arms

1.3 - Anthem

The Anthem of the Republic shall be the following edit of Dogs of War by Christopher Lennortz.

File:TKR Anthem.mp3

Article 2 - Declarations

2.1 - Capital

The Capital City of Kodiak shall be Rykkburgh.

2.2 - Motto

The National Motto shall be, "Once more unto the breach! Dear friends, once more!"

2.3 - Currency

The Decimal Currency of the Kodiak Republic shall be referred to as Florins and Cents.

2.4 - Animal

The National Animal shall be the Kodiak Bear.

2.5 - Bird

The National Bird shall be the ____ .

2.6 - Flower

The National Flower shall be the ___ .


Article 3 - The Civic Institutions

3.1 - The Location of the General Assembly shall be the Assembly Building located in Rykkburgh.

3.1.1 - The Assembly Chamber shall be furnished in the ___ style.

3.2 - The Location of the Executive Offices shall be the Chancellery Building located in Rykkburgh.
3.3 - The Location of the High Court shall be the High Court Building located in Rykkburgh.

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