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Felix Hurst (born 623)(Active)

Felix Hurst

Deputy Chancellor
Assumed office
21 January 666
ChancellorEdmund Maltravers
Preceded byBill Simmons
Succeeded byBraughn Kryos
Minister of Defence, Immigration and Foreign Affairs
Assumed office
21 January 666
Preceded byFjord Montgomery II
Succeeded byBernard Glocke
Member of the General Assembly for Antillea
Assumed office
4 January 666
Preceded byBill Simmons
Kodiak Ambassador to Cobrastan
Assumed office
1 June 659
Preceded byPosition Created
Succeeded byJohn Longair
Personal details
Born(623-07-19)July 19, 623
Woolworth, Antillea
Political partyThe National Unity Party (NUP)
Spouse(s)Greta Hurst
ResidenceSlaughterham, Antillea
Military service
AllegianceThe Kodiak Republic
Branch/serviceThe Kodiak Navy
Years of service645-652
Unit7th Task Unit

Lieutenant in the Kodiak Navy
Ambassador to Cobrastan (659-662)
Member of the Kodiak General Assembly for Antillea
Former Minister of Defence (666-667) & Acting Chancellor (667)
Leader of the Opposition (667 - present)

Early Life

Felix Theodore Hurst was on October 30 623 in the hamlet of Grimzen to Philip (born 598) and Madeline (born 597) Hurst. He was educated at Leopold Gustav Memorial Public School in Slaughterham. He was reportedly a model student, which helped him get a scholarship to Lobenz University to study Political Science and Modern History.

Hurst worked many odd jobs, including as a fry cook and postal clerk, throughout his early life as his family was not well off.

Military Service

Hurst enlisted in the Navy in 645 after the declaration of war against The Great North passed. He was placed on the KNS Rykkburgh as an able seaman, seeing action against TGN ships. Hurst was promoted to Lieutenant in 651.

Hurst retired from the navy in 652.

Political Career

After his retirement from the military, Hurst entered the Public Service.

In June 659, Hurst was selected as Ambassador to Cobrastan. He oversaw the formation of Rykkburgh-Bestburg relations. Hurst resigned from his post in May 661.

In the 663 General Election, Hurst was made

Hurst ran as the NUP's candidate for Antillea in 666, after incumbent Bill Simmons announced he would not seek a fifth term. He won the seat with 68% of the vote. This was a notable drop from previous runs under Simmons and Furey, suggesting a lack of confidence in the NUP.

Chancellor Maltravers appointed Hurst as Minister for Defence, Immigration and Foreign Affairs in 666. He vowed to crack down on the Commune in Seathania and their foreign supporters in the People's Republic of Wintercrest.

In early 666, Hurst approved the integration of the Kodiak National Front in the Army's strategy.

In 667, Hurst became Acting Chancellor as Chancellor Maltravers resigned over a vote of no confidence. He was left with in tough situation, as the KWP and DPPK call for his resignation and demand an end to the war.

Hurst lost the Vote of No Confidence and was replaced by Jack Williams. Hurst formed a shadow cabinet in June 667, with himself as Leader of the Opposition.

Hurst is a national conservative.

Personal Life and Family

Hurst married Greta Boucher (born 622) on July 17 649. Together they have had one child, Esther in 653.

Hurst grew up Methodist, but has since stated he is not religious.

From an early age, Hurst has taken a keen interest in history and conservation. He became a president of the Antillea Historical Society and a member of the National Heritage Institute. Hurst is a numismatist, with a large collection of foreign coins.


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William "Bill" Simmons (born 596)(Retired)

William 'Bill' Simmons

Deputy Chancellor
Assumed office
21 January 663
ChancellorEdmund Maltravers
Preceded byFlip Yorick
Succeeded byFelix Hurst
Minister of Transportation
Assumed office
21 January 660
Preceded byAlfonso Sadurin
Succeeded byJoe Fala
Member of the General Assembly for Antillea
Assumed office
21 October 654
Preceded byColin Furey
Succeeded byFelix Hurst
Personal details
Born(596-07-19)July 19, 596
Woolworth, Antillea
Political partyThe National Unity Party (NUP)
Spouse(s)Alice Simmons
ResidenceWoolworth, Antillea

Former CEO of the Simmons Automotive Company (626 - 649)
Former Member of the Kodiak General Assembly for Antillea
Former Minister of Transportation & Deputy Chancellor

Early Life

William Edward Simmons was born at Slaughterham Borough Medical Centre on the 19th of July 596 to Robert (568-659) and Nicole (570-661) Simmons. He grew up on his family's estate in Woolworth, Antillea alongside his younger brother Scott (born 597). Simmons attended St Paul's Lutheran Boarding School in Godsith. Simmons then attended Rykkburgh University, receiving a Master's degree in Civil Engineering and a Bachelor's degree Urban Planning. After graduation, he became a civil engineer for Blackwood & Co in Antillea.

Simmons Automotive Company

In 626, Simmons’ father handed the company over to him. He was hesitant to take the position, as he was already entrenched as an engineer. Nevertheless, he became CEO of the Simmons Automotive Company. He was instrumental in the creation of the Model E, one of the company's most successful cars, second only to the Model D, the company's first vehicle. Simmons also won a lucrative contract with the Ministry of Defence for the production of engines during the Great North War. He served as CEO until 649, passing the position to his brother Scott.

Political Career

In 653, Simmons joined the National Unity Party. He won the seat of Antillea in the 654 Kodiak General Election, with 73% of the vote. He diligently worked in the community to ensure that their needs were met both on the ground and in the halls of power.

Simmons previously served as Minister of Transportation in the Second Ward Cabinet.

He is currently serving as the Minister of Transportation and Deputy Chancellor in the First Maltravers Cabinet.

Simmons has served as Acting Chancellor during mid-663.

In November 663, Simmons ordered the Kodiaker Army to reclaim Karputska from the People’s Vanguard in the Kodiak Civil War. This was a pivotal moment for the Government, as it disrupted rebel forces’ logistics.

In December 664, Simmons presented the Amendment to The Policing Act, 645, to increase the capabilities of the State Bureau of Investigations. It was passed 6:5 on May 25.

Simmons announced he would seek re-election on July 18 665. He retired from politics

Simmons has been described as a progressive conservative.

As a Lutheran, Simmons opposes abortion. However unlike other Lutherans, he supports same-sex marriage.

Personal Life and Family

Simmons is a keen fisher and can regularly be seen around Antillea's rivers. He is a devoted Lutheran, attending church every week. His net worth is estimated at ₣67,480,500.

Simmons married Alice Taylor (born 600), a physician from Duckburg, in 631. Together they have had three children, Ron (born 633), Hannah (born 634), and Michael (born 637).

His father, Robert, was CEO of Simmons Automotive Company from 607 until 626. His mother, Nicole Melton, was the daughter of Albert Melton, a wealthy financier.

Simmons' grandfather, Edward (514-593), established the Simmons Automotive Company in 567.

Out of Character

AntilleanMan is a high school student from Australia.

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