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William "Bill" Simmons (born 596)(Active)

Simmons outside his family's estate in Woolworth (659)

Former CEO of the Simmons Automotive Company
Member of the Kodiak General Assembly for Antillea
Minister of Transportation

Early Life

William Edward Simmons was born in 596 to Robert and Nicola Simmons. He grew up on his family's estate in Woolworth, Antillea. William attended Rykkburgh University, receiving a degree in Mechanical Engineering and Urban Planning. After University, he became a civil engineer.

Simmons Automotive Company

In 626, Robert Simmons handed the company down to William. He was hesitant to take the position, as his business skills were never on par with his predecessors. Nevertheless, he became CEO of the Simmons Automotive Company. He was instrumental in the creation of the Model E, one of the most successful cars for company, second only to the Model D, the company's first vehicle, He served as CEO until 649, passing the position to his brother Scott.

Political Career

In 653, William joined the National Unity Party. He won the seat of Antillea in the 654 Kodiak General Election.

William is currently Minister for Transportation in the Second Ward Cabinet.

Personal Life and Family

William is a keen fisherman and can regularly be seen around Antillea's rivers.

William married Alice Taylor, a physician from Duckburg, in 631. Together they have had three children, Ron, Hannah, and Michael.

His father, Robert, was CEO of Simmons Automotive Company from 607 until 626. His mother, Nicola Melton, was the daughter of Albert Melton, a wealthy financier.

William's grandfather, Edward Simmons, established the Simmons Automotive Company in 567.


The Greater Antilles

A federation of British colonies formed in the mid 1950s.

Out of Character

AntilleanMan is a high school student from Australia.

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