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Edmund Cosmo Alexander Maltravers

Edmund Cosmo Alexander Maltravers II (3 February 613), commonly shortened as Edmund Cosmo Maltravers or E.C. Maltravers (also spelt Mautravers), is the Member for Aston-Upon-Lum and member of the The National Unity Party (NUP). Alongside that, Maltravers also maintains a small medical practice in Aston with his son and a bookshop which attached to the Practice. He is a member of the Quacker Pacifists and as such holds deep and firm anti-army and anti-war views.


Edmund Cosmo Maltravers

Member of the General Assembly for Aston-Upon-Lum
Assumed office
18 October 651
Preceded byThaddeus Hawthorne
Personal details
Born(613-02-03)February 3, 613
Sankeyshire, Godsith
Political partyThe National Unity Party (NUP)
Spouse(s)Alexandrina Maltravers
ResidenceMaltravers Bookshop, Sankeyshire, Godsith
ProfessionDoctor, politician, writer, Bookseller

Early Life

Born in Sankey, Godsith, to Edmund Cosmo Maltravers Sr (576-653) and Sybille Maltravers (nee Graves; 582-), Maltravers was the 4th Child of 5. His father was a renowned Physician, himself a second Generation Immigrant, his father Llewellyn Mautravers (541-605) moving to Kodiak in 558. Meanwhile, his mother was a journalist for a local newspaper.

Maltravers would love a rather fortunate, but destitute childhood, nevertheless received public education, graduating from school. After completing his secondary education in 631, he attended Kodiak National University studying Literature, Medicine and Politics & Law, where he earned both a bachelor's and a Doctorate degree by 639. Upon graduation, he returned to Sankey and established both his bookshop and took over his father's private medical practice. Becoming moderately successful, however, his bookshop is where he focused much of his time.

Stepping into politics

During the Great North War, Maltravers did not serve due to being a Quacker Pacifist and a conscientious objector. He would, during that time, focus more on his medical practice to help those in need. After the war, he would return to his bookselling more often. However, kept to his medical practice, later joined the NUP. Shortly after that, Maltravers began to write for the local newspapers political collum, resulting in him gaining some fame in Sankey.

Maltravers would marry Alexandrina Stephens in 641. The two having been long time friends since first school. Eventually the two would go on to have several children: Edmund (born 642), Wilhelmina (born 645), Henry (born 648), Orion (born 651).

In 651, Maltravers would take the opportunity to run in the Aston-Upon-Lum by-election after the resignation of the former Member for that Constituency, Thaddeus Hawthorne. After a rather hard fight, Maltravers would win 63% of the vote, becoming the representative for Aston-Upon-Lum.

Today, Maltravers is a keen member of the General Assembly. However, despite his accession to politics, he continues to work at his Small Medical Practice and Bookshop. As a result of his multiple jobs, he is able to earn quite a bit of money, 112,800 florins (470,000 before tax). He also continues to advocate for nonviolence and protection of small businesses.


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