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Tradition, Stability, Liberty

Who We Are

A Party that respects the interests of the common citizen.

Kodiak is a land of many rich histories, traditions, and cultures. We represent the broad spectrum of the every-man that is affected by the crisis our land is facing. We must combat these issues together but without sacrificing our Kodiaker identify and principals.

The National Unity Party can trace its lineage back into the Bromanikan dynasty through its predecessor organizations, The College of Merchants and the Conservative Association. With members of the party being elected to both the House of Commons and representation in the Royal Council.

With the fall of the monarchy, civil war, and national re-birth, the former parties eventually merged into the Unity Movement which aligned the various regional conservative and monarchist movements under a single banner.

The party has rebranded in recent years to become the National Unity Party with concentration on Center-Right policies to improve the Republic.

Setting the Conditions

Since the Revolution and the ensuring instability, our citizens have been able to fully innovate their true potential. We, the National Unity Party, seek to create the model environment for the individual citizen to prosper and create a better tomorrow.

In order to create our model of success, the National Unity Party seeks to remove destabilizing elements affecting the Republic both internally and externally while also fuelling investment into the micro-economic front.

To accomplish this, the party will explore a heighten defense spending priority with additional bills to solidify legal processes and national police authorities to counter domestic terrorists.


Below are some examples of accomplishments by the NUP


National Defense

Our nation must be able to protect itself from hostile powers in the region. Greater expansion of our defense capabilities is needed to reaffirm our national sovereignty.


Government manipulation of the markets remains one of the main drivers of our nation’s current crisis. We must create economic conditions through decentralized regulations that enable businesses to flourish without federal harassment.

Internal Security

Counter-Terrorism against the militant forces of the leftist organizations and ultra nationalist need to increased. Overwhelming violence continues to be a massive drain our economic viability. Foreign influence is another danger which threatens to undermine our Kodiaker traditions.


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