The Water Act, 641

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The Water Act (641)

An Act to make provision for a national policy for water, for the conferring and discharge of functions as to water (including sewerage and sewage disposal, fisheries and land drainage) and as to recreation and amenity in connection with water, for the reorganization of the republics water facilities, for the making of charges by water authorities and other statutory water undertakers, and for connected purposes
Approved on 20th May 2022 with 16 Aye, 1 Nay, 4 Abstain.

Article 2, Sections 4 and 5 Amended by The State Enterprise and General Communications Resolution, 652

Article 1 - National Policy and Reorganization

1.1 - It shall be the duty of the Minister of the Interior and the Deputy Minister of Interior for Energy (in this Act policy for referred to as "the Minister ") to promote jointly a national water policy for water consumption and conservation in the Kodiak Republic
1.2 - It shall be the duty of the Minister of the Interior to secure the effective execution of so much of that policy as relates to—
(a) the conservation, augmentation, distribution and proper use of water resources, and the provision of water supplies;
(b) sewerage and the treatment and disposal of sewage and other effluents;
(c) the restoration and maintenance of the wholesomeness of rivers and other inland water;
(d) the use of inland water for recreation;
(e) the enhancement and preservation of amenity in connection with inland water; and the use of inland water for navigation.

Article 2 - Establishing the Kodiak Central Reservoir

2.1 - For the purpose of exercising functions conferred on of water them by or by virtue of Article II of this Act, there shall be established in accordance with the following provisions of this section authorities to be known as regional water authorities, being the authorities named in paragraph 2.2 and 2.3 of Article II of this Act.
2.2 - A state corporation “Kodiak Central Reservoir” (KCR) shall be formed by mandated acquisition of the private water utility corporations operating within the borders of the republic.
2.3 - Regional Reservoir Authorities shall be established at each provincial directorate to centralize local water facilities under the control of the provincial authority.
2.4 - The KCR shall be run by its management as a profitable enterprise in line with market rates with operations and procurement to be paid for out of the company's general revenues.
2.5 - The Ministry of Finance shall allocate an annual subsidy for meter installation to the KCR not to exceed ₣50 million per quarter

Article 3 - Mandate for Compulsory Water Meter installation

3.1 - it shall be the obligation of all private and public lots, commercial, industrial, and residential properties be provided a state-mandated meter of usage. Easily assessable from a public street or appropriate easement for KCR inspectors.
3.2 - KCR shall provide, at subsidized cost not to exceed ₣500/unit for installation, a KCR approved SMART Meter for any property that request service. These meters will have computational capacity for monitoring usage, limiting, and planning for energy consumption on the end of the consumer. Additionally the meters will provide real time fees and pricing data.

Article 4 - Compensation of Stakeholders

4.1 - The Ministry of the Finance shall make available compensation to individuals affected by government policies not to exceed ₣5 billion.
4.2 - The Ministry of Finance shall open an investigative panel to ascertain the value of individual stakes and stock values for proper compensation.

Introduced by: Oskar Luchens, Archeron of the National Unity Party.

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