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Patrick Barber — 05/08/2022 @Assembly Member Proposed to the Assembly by National Unity Party leader @Oskar Luchens (NUP) - An Act to make provision for a national policy for water, for the conferring and discharge of functions as to water (including sewerage and sewage disposal, fisheries and land drainage) and as to recreation and amenity in connection with water, for the reorganization of the republics water facilities, for the making of charges by water authorities and other statutory water undertakers, and for connected purposes.

  • Presented in my capacity as Community Director while @Tobias Virstürm (Vikstein) is presently on a leave of absence.,_641

Patrick Barber — 05/08/2022 The Kodiak Workers' Party believes the present government has spent too long wringing its hands with the present cost of living crisis. The water shortage has driven food prices through the roof and I, together with my Assembly colleagues within the National Unity Party, belief ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Where this government will not act, the people of Kodiak will. Water is an essential utility for the development and health of Kodiak and her citizens. I am proud to work with Mr. Luchens to solve this crisis, and I ask the members here of the Assembly to vote in favour of this resolution.

H. Alinov Esq. (AND-Yilmiz) — 05/08/2022 The Alliance for National Democracy concurs with the Honourable Members from NUP and KWP in both letter and spirit with respect to the matter at hand. Water is a basic human right that must and shall be guaranteed to our people – and the AND is convinced that this proposed law is a much needed step in that direction.

New Asden — 05/08/2022 With the ongoing crisis for the acquisition of natural resources, the DLPK firmly stands in unity with this bill to help ensure the sovereignty of our state, and for the people of Kodiak.

People's Republic Of Chuja Myeon — 05/08/2022 The Jacobin Club gladly accepts cooperation with this act, but searches further future action to make water the resource of the people! Long live our republic's amazing water! May 11, 2022

South Boston Irishmen (SBI) — 05/11/2022 Article II is titled the "Kodak Central Reserve", I presume that this is a typo

Patrick Barber — 05/11/2022 fixed

South Boston Irishmen (SBI) — 05/11/2022 Besides that, I can find no serious fault with the bill as proposed. May 13, 2022

Zoque Fotekh — 05/13/2022 Looks fine to me as well.

perrysmarts — 05/13/2022 Looks great. May 15, 2022

Patrick Barber — 05/15/2022 If there are no more comments or suggestions, voting will begin in two days. [5:36 AM] @Assembly Member

MrManson — 05/15/2022 time to vote I guess

Patrick Barber — 05/15/2022 There are still 36 hours May 17, 2022

imrudrajaiswal — 05/17/2022 There should inspection with any prior info

Patrick Barber — 05/17/2022 Apologies, this should have gone to vote yesterday. I will organise this presently. May 18, 2022

Patrick Barber



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— 05/18/2022

Question Do you approve of the Water Act (641)?



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▓▓░░░░░░░░ [4 • 19%]

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Patrick Barber — 05/18/2022 @Assembly Member The vote is now live, debate is halted. You have 72 hours from this message to vote. (edited)

May 20, 2022

Tobias Virstürm (Vikstein) — 05/20/2022 @Assembly Member You have less than 12 hours to vote.

4 May 22, 2022

Sylveon — Today at 12:31 PM How do I make a poll? [12:31 PM] !poll

Targetpainted (Myguystan) [NUP] — Today at 12:42 PM I believe that is only for certain roles. [12:42 PM] @Sylveon

Sylveon — Today at 1:07 PM Ok

Tobias Virstürm (Vikstein) — Today at 2:04 PM @Assembly Member the resolution has passed [2:04 PM] I will be archiving the discussion and removing this channel within the next day

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