The Centralised Justice Act, 645

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The Centralized Justice Act, 645

An act to codify the court systems of the Republic not specified within the Constitution of the Kodiak Republic. Enforces the Legal Code of the Kodiak Republic under a system of Common Law.

Passed 02 October 2022, 6 Aye, 3 Nay, 0 Abstain.

Article 1 - Federal Court System

1.1 - Establishes the Federal Court of Appeals.
1.1.1 - The Federal Court of Appeals shall consist of eleven (11) appellate courts to hear appeals throughout the Republic.
1.1.2 - Empowers the Federal Court of Appeals to adjudicate cases stemming from appeals of Provincial Trial Courts or Federal District Courts
1.1.3 - Each appellate court shall consist of three (3) judges without a jury.
1.2 - Establishes the Federal District Court
1.2.1 - Each Province shall have at least one (1) Federal District Court to hear cases. Additional Courts shall be established by the Ministry of Justice
1.2.2 - Empowers the Federal District Court to try cases involving disputes of the Public Law Code.
1.2.3 - Empowers this court with the exclusive right to try Bankruptcy cases.
1.2.4 - Shall consist of a federal judge to try the case and Jury to decide the case.
1.3 - Establishes the Federal Tax Court.
1.3.1 - Empowered with exclusive right to try cases involving Kodiak Tax Code disputes.
1.3.2 - Shall consist of one (1) judge and no jury.
1.4 - Establishes the Special Court for State Crimes
1.4.1 - Shall consist of three (3) judges and no jury.
1.4.2 - Empowers this court to exclusively try crimes against the government of The Kodiak Republic.
1.4.3 - Proceedings are closed to the public.
1.5 - Establishes the Courts of Military Tribunal
1.5.1 - Empowers the Ministry of Defense to regulate guidelines and policies related to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.
1.5.2 - Establishes jurisdiction to all cases that fall within UCMJ or within areas that are directly administered by Military Officials.
1.5.3 - Proceedings are closed to the public.

Article 2 - Provincial Court System

2.1 - Establishes the Provincial Trail Courts
2.1.1 - Shall consist of a judge to try the case and jury to decide the case.
2.1.2 - Empowers the court to try civil and criminal cases involving violations of law codes within provincial borders.
2.1.3 - Local and provisional elections shall detirmine the selection of judges at the appropriate levels.
2.2 - Provinces may further refine Provincial Law systems subordinate to the Ministry of Justice and subject to review by the High Court of the Republic

Written and Proposed by Chancellor Oskar Luchens, MGA, NUP

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