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for the General Assembly
An aerial view of Aston-Upon-Lum
Major settlements
Current constituency
PartyThe National Unity Party
MGAEdmund Cosmo Maltravers
Local councils
Created fromGreater Asher

Aston-Upon-Lum is a constituency represented in the General Assembly of the Kodiak Parliament by Dr Edmund Maltravers Jr, an NUP MGA since 650.

Constituency profile

The constituency of Aston-Upon-Lum covers the area of the Borough of Aston, which constitutes the small villages of Aston-Upon-Lum and Aston St Asher.

Aston-Upon-Lum, the largest settlement in the constituency, has grown significantly since the start of the 5th or 6th century, with a church existing in the town since at least the 5th Century. and the demographics of the town have become increasingly more youthful with some 60% of the population being over 50 years of age by the latest census data.


The constituency was created in 640 after the Town Council complained how the relatively smaller Asher was primary seat of the constituency. Eventually after months of lobbying, the small consistency was reorganised into the Constituency of Aston-Upon-Lum. It is one of the smaller Constituencies, having only a population of over 12,000.

Political History

The seat has a strong history of electing independents. The first MGA for Aston-Upon-Lum was Thaddeus Hawthorne, who won the seat in a by-election in 640, beating members running for major parties such as the Kodiak Worker's Party and the National Unity Party. He retained his seat until loosing it in 650, to Edmund Cosmo Maltravers, the current MGA for the constituency. In 667, Aston-upon-Lum would go to J.F. Sassoon who later joined the DPPK.

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