Kodiaker Army

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Active Policies

  • Volunteer Service
  • Airborne Division
  • Armor Division
  • Organized Reserve
  • Provincial Standby Defense Force (SDF)
  • Centralized Training Command
  • Standarized Pay
  • Wartime Conscription Authorized

Current Situations

  • Enlarged Reserves (7th and 10th Division transfer by 672)
  • SDF lack training and equipment
  • Confused Internal Security Role
  • Active Army capable of current mission
  • Army Combat experience: High
  • Nacent Communard Threat
  • Army Predominance in National Security Leadership
  • International Standing Weak
  • Personnel manning at 80%

Major Formations

Combat Divisions
1st Division Mengtian 13,000 Tier 2 Wilhem Fulch Active
2nd Division Mengtian 17,000 Tier 4 Marcus Addy Reserve
3rd Division Taiping 14,000 Tier 2 Andrew Henderson Active
4th Division Astroberg 11,000 Tier 4 Henry Goslar Reserve
5th Division Astroberg 15,000 Tier 1 Hazel Tyrek Active
6th Division Taiping 12,000 Tier 2 Rufus King Reserve
7th Division Mengtian 14,000 Tier 3 Jeremy Eisenberg Active
8th Division Rykkburgh 16,000 Tier 3 Carl Schultz Reserve
10th Division Rykkburgh 15,000 Tier 2 Maxwell Giem Active
11th Division Mengtian 12,000 Tier 3 Jason Clarke Reserve
12th Division Mengtian 12,000 Tier 2 Wesley Crusher Active
14th Division Astroberg 14,000 Tier 4 Ronald Dawes Reserve
17th Division Rykkburgh 15,000 Tier 1 Jasimine Renault Active
Seperate Combat Brigades
601st Brigade Taiping 4,000 Tier 2 Larys Fullerton Active
602nd Brigade Astroberg 4,000 Tier 2 Ryan Parson Active
603rd Brigade Mengtian 4,000 Tier 2 Max Marks Active
17th Brigade Rykkburgh 5,000 Tier 1 Kerry Oliver Active
30th Brigade Mengtian 3,000 Tier 3 Anders Cole Active
44th Brigade Astroberg 3,000 Tier 3 Thomas Weis Active
210th Brigade Taiping 3,000 Tier 2 Frank Umbridge Active
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