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Braughn Filip Gwydion Kryos

Braughn Filip Gwydion Kryos, commonly abbreviated as Braughn F.G. Kryos, is a lawyer, philanthropist, and member of the General Assembly representing Bethaven constituency in the Kodiak Republic. A member of the Kodiak Workers' Party (KWP), he is known for his advocacy for economic reform and responsible government spending.

Braughn F. G. Kryos

President of the General Assembly
In office
Preceded byJonn Stevens
Succeeded byJack Williams
Member of the General Assembly for Bethaven
Assumed office
18 October 651
Preceded byRobert Kilton
Personal details
Born(620-04-18)April 18, 620
Kryos House, Bethaven
Political partyThe Kodiak Workers' Party
Spouse(s)Victoria Kryos
ResidenceKryos House, Bethaven, Godsith
ProfessionLawyer, politician
Military service
Allegiance The Kodiak Republic
Years of service645-646
UnitBethaven Militia

Born and raised in Bethaven, Godsith, Kryos had a privileged upbringing as the son of wealthy estate owners. After completing his secondary education in 638, he attended Rykkburg University's School of Law, where he earned both a bachelor's and a master's degree by 644. Returning to Bethaven, Kryos established a successful local law practice and became the Judicial Advisor for the Bethaven Town Council.

During the Great North War, Kryos served as a Captain in the Bethaven Militia Force from 645 until its dissolution in 646. Bethaven later commended Kryos on his organizational skills, although the militia never saw action. In 647, Kryos was appointed as Judge of Bethaven, where he established precedents in several notable cases, including three land dispute cases, eight contract dispute cases, and a murder trial. Although young, his legal acumen and fair judgments earned him high praise from his peers. In 648, Kryos inherited Kryos House, the ancestral home of his family, along with a substantial fortune. He donated a large portion of his wealth to both local and national charities, established an orphanage in his home, and allowed local farmers to graze their herds on his land. Kryos House remains a farm, dedicated to the economic and environmental use of resources.

Following the death of Robert Kilton, the previous General Assembly member from Bethaven, in 650, Kryos was appointed as the provisional representative until a by-election could be held in 651. Running on the KWP ticket, Kryos faced tough opposition from the National Unity Party's local candidate. Nevertheless, he won the by-election with 64% of the vote and has since been an active member of the General Assembly.

As a member of the General Assembly, Kryos has been a vocal advocate for the KWP's economic policies and has called for an end to wasteful government spending. He has been present for several key legislative votes and has been a reliable supporter of his party's platform. His commitment to fiscal responsibility and his strong work ethic have earned him the respect and admiration of his constituents and colleagues alike.

Kryos has authored or co-authored Amendment: The Labor Act (Inter), Amendment: The Advanced Education Act, The Reasonable Wage Act, 653, Amendment: The Advanced Education Act, and the Military Funding Arrangement Act.

Late in the 654 campaign season, Kryos announced his bid for Chancellor's office on the KWP ticket but was defeated by Chancellor Jason Corey. Kryos ran for President of the General Assembly in the 657 elections, promising a strong work ethic, renewed action in the Assembly, and a smooth transition of order, but was defeated by Jonn Stevens of the DPPK. In the 660 elections, Kryos ran for President again, echoing his 657 campaign, and beat incumbent Jonn Stevens. Kryos faced no opposition in 663 and was re-elected President of the General Assembly. In the 666 election, Kryos again ran for Assembly President, but was narrowly defeated by Jack Williams of the DPPK.

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