First Maltravers Cabinet

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First Cabinet of Edmund Maltravers
Cabinet Maltravers I

15th Cabinet of the
Seventh Kodiak Republic
Date formed21 January 663
People and organisations
ChancellorEdmund Maltravers
Deputy ChancellorBill Simmons
Member partyNational Unity
Status in legislature
104 / 200 (52%)
Opposition partyKodiak Workers
Democratic Progress
Opposition leaderBraughn Kryos
Election663 General Election
PredecessorWard II

The First Maltravers Cabinet is the current government of the Serene Republic of Kodiak. It is led by Chancellor Edmund Maltravers and Deputy Chancellor Bill Simmons of the National Unity Party.

It was installed following the 663 Kodiak General Election and succeeded the Second Ward Cabinet. Maltravers was elected as Chancellor by the General Assembly on 18 January 657. This is the first occasion a party has won three elections in a row. His appointed cabinet is expected to be approved by the Kodiak General Assembly in four days.


Portfolio Minister Took Office Left Office Party
Minister of Health and Education
Edmund Maltravers 18 January 663 Incumbent - NUP
Deputy Chancellor
Minister of Transportation
Bill Simmons 21 January 663 Incumbent - NUP
Minister of Defence and Foreign Affairs Fjord Montgomery 21 January 663 Incumbent - NUP
Minister of Revenue and Treasury Joanna Sousa 21 January 663 Incumbent KWP
Minister of Justice, Law, and Order Jacob Karlsson 21 January 663 Incumbent - NUP
Minister of Commerce and Labour Edmund Marwood 21 January 663 Incumbent - NUP
Minister of Social Services Urisko von Searls 21 January 663 Incumbent KWP
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