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Alexander Paramount

Alexander Paramount (627-Present) is a politician, one of the 11 founders and former president of the People’s Electronics Cooperative (PEC) company. He is also an engineer and the currently serving Minister of Social Service


Alexander Paramount

Politician, engineer
Minister of Social Service
Assumed office
18th of September, 664
ChancellorEdmund Maltravers
Preceded byUrisko Von Searls
Minister of Social Service
Assumed office
22nd of January, 666
ChancellorEdmund Maltravers
Personal details
Born5th January, 621
Detune, Karputska
Political partyThe National Unity Party (NUP)
ResidenceAstroburg, Karputska
ProfessionPolitician, engineer and PEC’s stakeholder


Alexander Paramount, nicknamed the Detune Crusader, was born on 5th of January, 621 in Detune, Karputska. He was born into a poor farmer family that’s struggle to make living due to the city’s corrupted official’s high tax rate. At the age of 10, his father left the family for a more attractive woman, ending a 12 years long open marriage. This devastated Alex and his mother, so he vowed to would never forgive him. This was the earliest sign of him developing a conservative view on marriage, believing that marriages should be cherished with little influence from lust, he also believed open marriages are a mockery of true love and healthy family.

Alex had wake up with roughly 5am to help his mom almost everyday with setting up vendor booth for his mom’s livestock. And during the evening, he helped his mom feeding the cattle and poultry. But luckily, his mother had made enough money for Alexander to attend school.

At the age of 15, he read about a case of a city councilor’s daughter got into an accident that killed another family through reckless driving. He discovered that the judge gave her only 2 months jail instead of higher sentence. During this period of time, he heard rumors of the daughter’s dad bribed the judge to give her a light sentence. Upon digging deeper into many cases around the city, he has discovered and became aware of the city’s corruption rate and how ravaged it actually was. He swore to come back to the city to get rid of corruption once and for all.

Business career

Paramount enrolled into an engineer university with double major as electrical engineer and mechanical engineer in Astroburg for 5 years. Then he along with 10 more friends used their saved up to found the People’s Electronic Cooperative (PEC), a worker owned electronic company that sought to create a democratic working environment where workers get to participate in decision making. Fortunately, the cooperative saw success thanks to their quality products and words soon spread about the PEC’s high quality electronic appliances.

Political career

After having successfully established an electronic company, he returned to Detune to run as mayor. During his term, he has managed to help Detune clearing corruption by cooperating with the anti-corruption task force

After having cleaned up corrupted officials in the city, he along with the newly elected city councilors initiated project “Rebirth” to help rebuilding the city from a ravaged land using government loan and combined with funds from the PEC.

In 659, Alex entered a larger political stage by running for a constituency in Karputska. The result was he won with a 67% vote after presenting his support for worker unions while praising the idea of family value along with other conservative ideas.

On 18th of September, 664, he was elected as Minister of Social Service in the first Maltravers’s Cabinet and is still serving in the second Maltraver’s Cabinet

Political ideology and economic policy

Paramount’s political ideology is a mismatch. Despite being a NUP member, he displays a staunch anti-capitalist attitude, believing that capitalism leads to greed and moral degeneracy. He also believes in the idea of a worker owned and controlled workplace, anti-landlord policy and collectivize some industries either by letting a group of workers control them or nationalize them under state’s control. Alex believes that homeless shelters don’t solve the problem of homelessness much because he sees the condition there can be terrible, especially in private space. He finds the idea of building a personal house for them is more effective and more humane. Alexander is also a revolutionist, believing his economic idea is achievable only through a revolution.

This put him at odd with most of the NUP members as they are generally more pro-capitalist. However, he does show a lot of support for petite bourgeoisies, he often purchases local products to show his support. He believes that education is one of the top priority of the country just after healthcare.

But despite the similarities with the Kodiak Worker’s Party, Alex didn’t join their party due to his socially conservative view on a lot of subjects that contradict with the KWP. He is a staunch nationalist, believing that Kodiak should be first and foremost in almost every situation. Country, communities and families are the basis of his social view. His view of a good family is fidelity, honesty, loyalty and compassion. Because of that, Alex despises polyamory and cheating believing it to be immoral, this is due to his past of having witnessed his own family tarnished by open relationship, as well as a disdain for sex work. Moreover, he is general pro-police, moderately militaristic and pro-capital punishment. He wanted to make punishment harsher for corrupted politicians.

Environment and technology

Alex is also radical environmentalist, believing that fines and some regulations won’t do any justice for the harmed species or habitat caused by pollution. He wants a harsher punishment by making polluters directly clean up the mess they have made. Paramount has shown support for development of better, more efficient renewable energy sources, especially nuclear power.

He is also very supportive of technological progress, especially in computer because be believe they could be use to aid his idea of a more efficient planned economy. Besides economic application, he also sees potential in using advanced tech to assist dangerous tasks, for medical usage such as lab grown organs or development of a better renewable energy source or it also be used in the military to modernize the Kodiak army.

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