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A view of the street of Detune
“Our days of infamy is long gone, it’s time we move on”
CountryThe Kodiak Republic
City establishedOctober 14th, 468
 • TypeMayor-council
 • MayorRobbert Ovseenko
 • Total148 km2 (57 sq mi)
 • Total78,600 (665)
 • Density531.1/km2 (1,400/sq mi)


Detune is a small city located on a plain in north west of Karputska. The city is relatively small with only 140 squared kilometer in area, with a population of 78,600 inhabitants. The city is currently in the state of recovery due to having escaped from 31 years of rampant corruption and ravages from crimes.


Detune is slight below average with mostly manufacturer-based economy with most of revenue from producing beverages, victuals and digital electronics. Ovseenko is now using loans from the national government to fund industries and encourage outside investment. The city council plans to use this new source of revenue to fund social services such as education, healthcare and infrastructure.

Aside from manufacturing, Detune is looking forward to expand tourist industry. Detune begins to organize more festivals to show the beauty of the city to slowly erase the tarnish image of the city


The city of Detune was founded in medieval era on October 14th, 468. The city was originally just a small town consisted of 1,200 artisans, farmers and lumberjacks. The town initially enjoyed some prosperity through trading handcrafted furnitures, potteries and food. However, Detune soon experienced collapse in 618 caused by rampant corruption. Under the reign of Hugo Tehmer, the city’s stability immediately plummeted in 7 months. Tehmer was very close to many business owner and it was he who helped the haute bourgeoisie evade taxes and gained more influence in the council through bribery. Homelessness skyrocketed due to many unable to afford the increasing rent. All the mayors in the following years did the same. Crimes were rampant, many crime cases were mostly theft committed by desperate and starving people. Until in 649, Alexander Paramount became mayor of the city. He helped cleaning up corruption by having his close friend secretly sent an encrypted request for anti-corruption task force to be sent into Detune for investigation, in which 6/13 councilors were arrested for corruption. Once corruption has been cleansed off of the city council, the people of Detune began to rebuild the city.

Current state

Following project “Rebirth” enacted by Paramount. Project “Rebirth” aims to rebuild the city’s economy by using loans from national government to fund industries and encourage outside investment. It also attempts to make Detune into a tourist attraction to display its rich culture, help the local small businesses, while erasing the tarnish image of its past.

The city’s population has been increasing in the past decades, going from 58,500 in 649 to 78,600 in 665. This was due to massive improvements in living standard, higher income and improving education system. Detune is aiming for further improvements, especially in electronic manufacturing to modernize the city

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