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Jack Williams (632 - )(Active)

Name Partner for Williams Law Firm (658-)
Former Vice President of San Chico Port Workers Union (654-658)
Representative for San Chico North District (663-)
Kodiak Assembly President (666-)

Jack Williams, Sometimes referred to as "Jackyboy" by his college friends, was born in 632 in the port capital city of San Chico in the province of Sadore. The son of a local doctor and history professor, Williams would grow in a rich and comfortable lifestyle however his parents instilled the ideas of love, care, and diligence of service to the people around him. After the death of a close friend who was killed in the local San Chico jail due to mismanagement of his cell placement, Williams decided to pursue a career in Law.

However, halfway through his time at college in Rykkburgh, his father would pass away from a sudden heart attack, leaving his mother with an empty house and a broken spirit. Jack would decide to leave college to work at home where in 652 he started working for San Chino Port International. In 654, he would be elected to the Vice Presidency of the San Chico Port Workers Union where he lobbied for better worker conditions and rights within the organization. In 658, He graduated from Kodiak National University with a Law Degree and decided to Found his own Law Firm with the backing of his mother.

For the next 4 years he would help Union workers in many cases around the San Chino port to be given compensation for work-related injuries and rights violations. His work in this community generated a kind of influence only few people own and Williams would take his popularity and support for a campaign towards the Representative seat in Kodiak's General Assembly. He would defeat the incumbent member to take over the San Chico North district seat in the Sadore province. Originally joining the General Assembly as an independent, he would end up joining the Democratic Progress Party of Kodiak, where in late of 664 with former DPPK leader, Jonn Stevens decided to step down, Jack has since then taken over for Stevens as Party leader next to Tobias Virsturm.

Individual Bills and Amendments

- Crime Reduction Act (664)
- Amendment to The Prison Reform Act (652)
- Amendment:The Advanced Education Act (664)
- Amendment:The Individual Income Tax Act (630)
- Robotics and AI Technology Research Act (665)

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