The Drug Enforcement Act 669

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Recognizing The current deuterating situation with drug enforcement in Kodiak
Enacts this act to drive down drug related crimes with an expansion of our drug enforcement task force

Article 1 - Kodiak Drug Enforcement Agency

1.1 - Funded by the Ministry of Justice and Law and Order, establishes the reorganization of the Drug Enforcement Task Force, into a new administration under the ministry known as the Kodiak Drug Enforcement Agency (KDEA)
1.2 - The KDEA will establish the Drug Enforcement Task Force (DETF) to enforce the Controlled Substances Policies outlined in The Controlled Substances Act (Inter).
1.2.1 - The KDEA has the authority to select Agents for the task force by board review.
1.2.2 - Selected Agents for the task force are required to have 5 years of Law Enforcement experience with a clean record prior to employment to the task force.
1.2.2- Selected Agents will be required to go through a 2 month Training Course in the DETF Academy before being allowed into the force.
1.3 - The Justice and Law and Order Minister will select from a pool of qualified candidates to pick a Director of Operations.
1.3.1 - The Director of Operations will be the head of the Agency and will carry out orders from the ministry and Facilitate planned Operations of the Task Force.
1.3.2 - The Director of Operations will be in charge of selecting the officers to promote to the DETF after a board review.
1.3.3 - The Director of Operations' salary will be determined by the Justice and Law and Order Minister each budget year.
1.4 - The Headquarters of the KDEA will be in RykkBurgh, Olympiatus.
1.5 - Regional Headquarters will be set up in each established region of Kodiak.
1.5.1 - Each headquarters will be funded with the given budget with border regions and Major Port regions given higher priority.
1.5.2 - Regional headquarters will be lead by a Regional Director who reports to the Director of Operations.
1.6 - Support Staff will help the KDEA agents in investigations and administrative work.
1.6.1 - Main Support Staff will consist of an Intelligence Research Specialist, Forensic Analysts, and administrative staff positions.
1.6.2 - Intelligence Research Specialists and Forensic Analysts will be required to have a Criminal Justice degree and pass a licensing test at the to be qualified to these positions.
1.7 - Salaries for DETF Agents and Support staff will be determined by a board headed by the director of operations.
1.8 - F3,200,000,000 florins will be allocated to fund the KDEA.
1.8.1 - F1,500,000,000 florins will be allocated to salaries for support staff and DETF agents.
1.8.2 - The remaining budget will be for funding of investigations, operations, and the training course.
1.9 - F8,500,000,000 florins will be allocated from the treasury to build the main and regional headquarters.

Article 2 - Say No To Drugs Program

2.1 - Government Funded Ad Campaign to deter citizens from controlled substances including all schedule A drugs.
2.1.1 - 10 million Florins will be issued for the Campaign.

Article 3 - Organized Crime Division

3.1 - The Organized Crime Division (OCD) will operate under the main Headquarters of the State Bureau of Investigations.
3.1.1 - The Organized Crime Division conducts operations targeted specifically towards crime organizations. - Operations such as investigations into national and international crime organizations and gangs are to be performed. - OCD has approved authority to prosecute any of the previously mentioned organizations on the The Controlled Substances Act (Inter) and The Kodiak Felony Act 637. - The Organized Crime Division does not have authorization to wire tap, set up up surveillance, or Searches without probable cause and a judge issued warrant.
3.2 - The Organized Crime Division will have its own budget separate of the SBI'S budget.
3.2.1 - F125,000,000 Florins will be allocated from the Ministry of Justice, Law and Order for the division.

Article 4 - Formerly Established DETF

4.1 - The Drug Enforcement Task Force created by The Policing Act, 645 will be integrated into the new DETF under the KDEA.
4.1.1 - The members of this task force will have to go through a review before they are admitted to the DETF, Any member who fails the review will be reassigned in another department.
4.2 - Repeal and slash out Article 1 Section 5 and the subsections under section 5 in The Policing Act, 645.

Authored and Proposed by Chancellor Williams, MGA, KSDP Leader

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