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Fjord Joseph Montgomery II (Born 1989 ANT)(Active)(WIP)

The Clumsy Militants of Aargh

Fjord Montgomery II is the Leader of the Clumsy Militants of Aargh. Aargh is a nation that values defence and "freedom" for its people. It has a large firearms manufacturing industry led by AFU.

Fjord Montgomery II standing in front of the "The Big Circle Thingy", a statue built to honour fallen soldiers of the thousand year war, June 5th, 2022 ANT

AFU (Aarghalian Firearms United)

In 2007 Fjord II's father, Fjord Montgomery the 1st, handed down the AFU to him on Fjord II's 18th birthday. For years the AFU had supplied Aargh's military and civilians with nothing but the finest weaponry. Fjord was not at all hesitant to take over the business, he had a fascination with machines, specifically firearms, since he first saw the factories on a tour with his father. On the third day of his new job, Fjord had an amazing idea for a light modular rifle platform for the Aarghalian military. This is how the MRP Rifle platform was born.

Political Career

In the early days of his career, Fjord heard about the Kodiak Republic through an ally, and looked to join it. In the year 660 (Kodiak Years) Fjord Montgomery II joined the Second Ward Cabinet as the Minister of Social Services.

Military Service

Fjord Montgomery II is his combat gear when he was stationed at the town of Holnam, on May 9th 2009 ANT, during the thousand year war

After Graduating from boot camp, Fjord Montgomery the II was now a Lance Corporal. During his time stationed at Holnam, He received a Field promotion to Corporal after taking out multiple enemy machine gun nests. After the horrific mess in 2011 that was 'the surprise of Tandola', Fjord was promoted to Sergeant as well as receiving the highest military reward in Aargh, the saviour's wings, for saving 5 of the 13 survivors of the ambush. Fjord would later be sent to Orana in 2014, where he would participate in the siege on Marko Gritoras' compound ending in Gritoras' death. 2 years later, in 2016 ANT, Fjord was transferred from the ___ Infantry Regiment to the ___ Airborne Division with his promotion to Staff Sergeant. It was in this Division that he would first use his newly invented rifle platform, the MRP, whilst on a deployment behind enemy lines.

ANT (Aarghalian National Time)

ANT is the date/time system that Aargh uses, it starts at 903 (1684 IRL) when the nation was first founded. ANT is 19 years ahead of IRL time. For reference 660 in the Kodiak Republic is 2042 ANT.

Early Life:

In his early life, Fjord Montgomery II was an extremely bright and organised child. He enjoyed maths, sleeping, and the arts. He was always intrigued by machines and how they worked, this was partly because of his family's significant role in arms manufacturing. His father, Fjord Montgomery the 1st, gifted him his first rifle on his 11th birthday. On his 18th birthday Fjord was conscripted into the Aarghalian Armed Forces.

Family and Friends:

Fjord Montgomery II grew up in the luxury of his family's palace. His father, Fjord James Montgomery the 1st, was the previous leader of Aargh and a descendant of one of the nation's founders, Erik Montgomery the 9th. Fjord's mother, Elizabeth Carvel Montgomery, was a descendant of another of the nation's founders, Matthias Carvel the 1st.


In his free time, Fjord Montgomery II enjoys competing in shooting competitions, eating, and waging wars on neighbouring nations.

Out of character

Out of character Fjord is an Australian High School student that enjoys engineering, video games, And firearms. He can be found on the Kodiak Discord either talking about video games or whatever everyone else is talking about. He sometimes streams himself playing video games as well.

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