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Silmeria was (Discord: JCap7) the first long term name in a long line of names from Nationstates. Since then she has been known by various other names, such as Amber. She has been a member of The Kodiak Republic since December 2008, having lived through various incarnations of the Republic until our current Mock Government Simulation: The Kodiak Republic.

She is Kodiak's Community Coordinator, a role which focuses on community development and ensuring that the community remains a pleasant and safe space to interact with other Kodiakers, and polsim enthusiasts.


Charlotte Groves

Charlotte Groves
Full nameCharlotte Cecilia Cristina Groves
Biographical information
Born5 December, 620
Positions and Affiliations
Current Role(s)Minister of Commerce and Labour, Magnus Ward Government (657-)
Previous Role(s)Chancellor (651-653), Minister of Education and Health, John Edwards Government (648-650)
PartyKodiak Workers' Party (KWP)
Charlotte Groves is a member of the Kodiak Workers' Party and was a deputy Minister under then Depucy Chancellor Hester Sirocco-Loren (648-650). She was seconded as the Minister of Health and Education when the Deputy Chancellor went on maternity leave and stepped down from the senior cabinet to ensure the smooth running of government.

She was elected Chancellor in the 651 Kodiak General Election and served a full term.

Afterwards she dedicated her time as General Secretary of the Kodiak Workers' Party, from the year 654.

She joined the National Coalition Cabinet under Chancellor Magnus Ward for the 657 Kodiak General Election and served as Minister of Commerce and Labour at a time where Kodiak was in the midst of a debt crisis and potential financial collapse, an unenviable task for Chancellor Ward and Minister Groves to navigate.

OOC note: More details coming soon.

Hester Zari Sirocco-Loren

Hester Sirocco-Loren
Full nameHester Zari Sirocco-Loren
Biographical information
Born28 March, 615
Positions and Affiliations
Current Role(s)Minister of Education and Health, John Edwards Government (648-)
Previous Role(s)Minister of Social Services, Oskar Luchens Government (645-657)
PartyKodiak Workers' Party (KWP)

Hester is a politician in The Kodiak Republic and the current representative of Rosalice (Anitomea province) which is nestled on the west coast of Kodiak. She is a member of the The Kodiak Workers' Party (KWP). She is one of the 'new generation' younger politicians to step foot in the General Assembly.

Early Life

She grew up in the working class, and had worked two jobs as a youth to help her parents make ends meet. Her parents, two mothers, eventually started their own small business in furniture restoration and interior design which was successful enough to put herself and her siblings through university education. She studied political science, foreign affairs, and economics at the University of Rykkburgh. Two of her three siblings joined the Kodiak Military (Sabine Tallie Sirocco-Loren, Flight Lieutenant, Kodiak Airforce; Christopher Anson Sirocco-Loren, Staff Sergeant, Kodiak Army).


Hester first joined the General Assembly in 642, and quickly became an active member of The Kodiak Workers' Party (KWP). She frequented debates in the General Assembly regularly, predominantly with a pro-people, pro-worker, and pro-equality stance. She can be seen as one example of the rise of Socialism or leftist thought in Kodiak, having fought for the rights of the people should it seem like the nation is swinging too far away from Kodiak's ideals. She is not against meeting opposition parties part-way on some issues however, for the sake of practicalities and the very real intricacies and difficulties in rebuilding the nation piece by piece.

She served as a senior cabinet member as the Minister for Social Services under Chancellor Oskar Luchens and was one of three KWP members in the The National Unity Party (NUP) government of 645, which perhaps suggests some compromise between the right and left of Kodiak's political parties. She is additionally seen as a 'senior' member of the KWP. Following that term, she served as the Minister of Health and Education under Chancellor John Edwards in the landslide KWP Chancellery victory of 648.

Amber Delacroix-Grey

Amber was a long-serving politician of The Kodiak Republic and has seen and played various roles in the rebuilding of Kodiak's various historical republics. She had seen the fall of the republic many times, and contributing to complete reforms of the constitution multiple times.


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