657 Kodiak General Election

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657 Kodiak General Election
← 654 24 Jul 2023 660 →

All 200 seats in the General Assembly
100 seats are needed for a majority
Turnout42,814,189 (59%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Magnus Ward Braughn Kryos Jonn Stevens
Coalition All-Party Conference All-Party Conference All-Party Conference
Leader's seat Rykkburgh Central Bethaven North Oeilverta
Last election 32.9% 27.2% 22.1%
Seats before 67 57 41
Seats won 62 54 37
Seat change Decrease 5 Decrease 3 Decrease 4
Popular vote 12,887,071 10,831,990 7,877,811
Percentage 30.1% 25.3% 18.4%
Swing Decrease 2.8% Decrease 1.9% Decrease 3.7%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Grant Shadbolt
Party CKA Unaligned
Coalition All-Party Conference
Leader's seat Crystal City West
Last election 11.2% 6.1%
Seats before 24 11
Seats won 26 21
Seat change Increase 2 Increase 10
Popular vote 5,608,659 5,308,959
Percentage 13.1% 12.4%
Swing Increase 1.9% Increase 6.3%

General Assembly seats by affiliation after election.
Green Bar represents governing parties.

Chancellor before election

Jason Corey

Subsequent Chancellor

Magnus Ward

The 657 General Election was held on 24 July 2023, with campaigning beginning on 10 July 2023. Incumbent Chancellor Jason Corey (NUP) resigned due to health issues and did not run for re-election. President Mivod Hlaja (NUP) did not seek re-election. Magnus Ward of the NUP was the only candidate to declare as a candidate for President. Braughn Kyros of the KWP and Jonn Stevens of the DPPK declared as candidates for President. Chief Justice Ethward Staples lodged his intention to remain midway through the campaign season.

The previous term was hampered by a continued outbreak of Kodiak Flu, causing significant slow down in government processes. As a result, the NUP, led now by Mr Ward, worked to build a National-Coalition of all four major parties. Due to major rolling shutdowns, a census was not taken.

The election ran for four days and was certified by the Public Service.

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