Crystal City West

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Crystal City West
for the General Assembly
The West Crescent business area, a prominent landmark of western Crystal City
Current Constituency
MGAGrant Shadbolt
Crystal City Council Wards
Created fromCrystal City

Crystal City West is a constituency represented in the General Assembly of the Kodiak Parliament by Grant Shadbolt, a Member of the General Assembly for the Centrist Kodiak Alliance, since 654.

Constituency profile

The constituency of Crystal City West covers a large portion of western Crystal City, including the quickly-developing western suburbs of Crystal City, and many of the fastest-growing wards in Crystal City. These suburbs have undergone considerable growth in the past several decades, across a broad range of demographic characteristics.


The constituency was created in 516, when the accelerating growth of Crystal City prompted the split of the Crystal City electorate into Crystal City West and Crystal City East, which further split into Crystal City North and Crystal City South in 585. Since its creation, the electorate has steadily moved westward with the continued growth of the city in that direction, aided by the continual growth of the Crystal City Council's territory. Since the emergence of the Western Crystal City secession movement in the late 640s, elections in the constituency have been subjected to considerable lobbying from both pro- and anti-seccession figures, due to its perceived position as the movement's sole representation in the central government.

Electoral history

Following the legalisation of political parties in 639, Crystal City West has had three members in the General Assembly. The first, Stuart Asquith, was the member for Crystal City West prior to the legalisation of political parties, and he joined the newly formed National Unity Party, the members of which he had earlier been closely affiliated with. However, the political leanings of the National Unity Party were not supported by the electorate, and he lost the seat in the subsequent 642 General Election, to John Aberclait, of the Kodiak Workers' Party. Aberclait held the seat until the 654 General Election, when Grant Shadbolt, propelled by lobbying from the Western Crystal City secession movement, was elected, as a member of the Centrist Kodiak Alliance.

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