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The Centrist Kodiak Alliance

Centrism, in the understanding of the The Centrist Kodiak Alliance, is an ideology that, rejecting idealism and emotions, pragmatically applies right and left ideas in the name of improving the efficiency and well-being of society as a whole. Everything for the practice of meaningful, nothing for the opposite.

We stand for broad political, economic and social reforms aimed at creating the most inclusive political system, resolute struggle against inequality and full integration with the system of society of the poor.

The The Centrist Kodiak Alliance works in three spheres: political, economic and social.

Political sphere

Prosperity can be achieved only by having a developed, extensive, competitive system of elected positions and groups choosing them. To implement this, we are going to implement three principles.

  • Referendumization of politics. When adopting laws, the principle of popular vote should be implemented as much as possible. Even more - the choice of decisions themselves should belong to the people. A petition with a sufficient number of signatures should have the power to repeal laws and decrees.
  • Creating a Cloud Democracy. For many centuries, representative democracy seemed to be the only possible way of democracy. But that's not the case now. With the help of technology, the beginning of the revival of direct democracy is possible, with an addition in the form of matrix dilegation of powers.
  • Absolute democracy. Not only parliamentarians, but also ministers and judges should be elected by direct vote. A democratic state is a state where all positions are appointed by active citizens.
  • Proportional representation. It is worth admitting that the majority system is morally outdated. Instead, it is necessary to introduce a proportional, fairer system, with the distribution of seats according to the Saint-Lieu method.

Economic sphere

Just as the sky does not appear without clouds, so a weak political system does not appear without a healthy economy. We will get it by the following measures:

  • Victory over inequality. Small businesses use money more efficiently than large businesses. A large concentration of capital leads to an oversaturation of the financial sector, which leads to the infamous financial crises. A well-thought-out income tax rate progressing with income growth is required in order to redistribute funds to the most efficient small businesses.
  • Encouraging the creation of joint-stock ownership of employees. Enterprises where employees own their shares show higher growth rates than classic enterprises. With the help of tax incentives, it is necessary to motivate enterprises to take a new path of development, thereby recreating the economy of Kodiak.
  • Competent state planning. Paradoxically, effectively a "free market" is formed only when the state has a large role in the funding and subsidisation of the market. Therefore, the work of the economic ministries carrying out this work should become more transparent and follow the path of creating development projects that implement the state's tax and subsidy policy.
  • Entering an unconditional income. The minimum wage is good. But it falls differently on market giants and a shoe workshop of one and a half people. Unconditional income, due to the proportional taxation system, will fairly distribute the burden among all market participants.

Social sphere

The final touches will be made by reforms of the social, non-productive sphere of the economy, designed to help our citizens find happiness and balance the economy.

  • Free receipt of general scientific education. You can wait until a person becomes a highly qualified employee who pays the appropriate taxes. And you can give a state loan for any education at a minimum percentage, which a person will gradually pay if he is physically able to work. But a person must get a loan on the condition of mandatory employment in the specialty. Mutually beneficial deal.
  • Free receipt of medical care. Similarly to education: a person is assisted for a loan, which he slowly pays off gradually and if possible.
  • Universal personal literacy. If in modern times there was a question about the ability to read and write, now there is a question about the ability to form your personality. A well-mannered, calmly debating, mentally balanced population should be the key to the long-awaited resolution of most social contradictions. To do this, it is necessary to revise the structure of educational institutions, the state apparatus and social movements.


If you got to this point, then you must have been interested in our views. Here is a list of books and articles that we are guided by:

  1. Daron Acemoglu, James A. Robinson "Why nations fail. The Origins of Power, Prosperity, and Poverty"
  2. Stiglitz, Joseph E. "The price of inequality: how today's duvided society endangers our future"
  3. Articles from the Inclusive Prosperity Economics Society (EfIP)
  4. F. G. Krasheninnikov, L. M. Volkov "Cloud Democracy"
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