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About Us


The Democratic Progress Party of Kodiak is a party focused on technological advancement and economic growth. We look to improve the lives of every citizen of the Serene Republic of Kodiak through infrastructure, education focused on STEM degrees, and international trade.

PPK started as a movement early on after the integration of the Bromannikhan Kingdom in 505. While the party remained small, the ideas and principles of the organization have stayed relatively constant over the years. The movement combined with other parties in the Serene Republic of Kodiak, and eventually after a political shift it combined with the Democratic Party of Kodiak forming the Democratic Progress Party of Kodiak

Our Policies


  • A firm antitrust policy to support to maintain a competitive economy.
  • Government funding of industrial innovation in tech, AI and automation, and e-commerce sectors.
  • International trade that allows Kodiak to expand our markets and access goods and services that otherwise may not have been available domestically.


  • A national minimum wage which can sustain the cost of living in every region.
  • Support labor unions with a emphasis in collective agreements between unions and employers.


  • Free education for all citizens.
  • Establish and accredit public trade schools.
  • Establish and accredit technology focused schools.
  • Education focusing on STEM degrees.


  • Implementation of progressive income tax model.
  • Dispensation of unemployment benefits.
  • Establish additional routes of transportation for all of Kodiak.
  • Maintain and rebuild destroyed infrastructure around the region.


  • Universal healthcare for all citizens.
  • Establish a social security account for all Kodiakers to be contributed monthly by government, employers, and individual to pay for medical expenses and fund retirement.


  • Fair immigration policy. Applicants must undergo strict background checks.
  • A focus on skilled professionals immigration.


  • A volunteer military service system that maintains the military only with applicants without compulsory conscription. Which offers attractive pay and benefits through military recruitment to attract potential recruits. In times of national emergency a conscription based military.
  • A focus on security through technological innovation.


  • We believe that no one should be homeless in Kodiak so we think that we should have a national housing program where you apply to own a home we believe that this would be a stable path for a income for the people of Kodiak.
  • we believe we should establish a public works program where we employ the homeless and less economically sable Kodiakers in which they get paid a fare salary to build infrastructure.


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