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Oskar Luchens (Active)

Archeron of The National Unity Party

Oskar Luchens, 639. General Assembly Member

Early life and education

Oskar Luchens was born on 3 November 588, in the Principality of Atlantica, to a pair of civil servants of the then independent monarchy. His hometown is the capital at Pendragon which remained as the Atlantican capital following its union with the Kodiak Republic. His father was a former District-Captain in the Atlantican police and later instructor of criminal justice at Prince Albrecht University in Grafton. Luchens' mother started as a clerk for the Atlantican Postal Express and later as a manager of the Grafton Postal Exchange. Oskar Luchens would go on to enroll in the Central Military Academy in Rykkburgh before commissioning into the Kodiaker Army. He recieved an undergrad degree in history during his time at the academy.

Oskar Luchens, Captain commanding Recon Co, 3rd Grenadier Regiment.

Military and Political Career

Mr. Luchens was stationed predominantly within the 10th Mechanized Division during his service and saw action in minor conflicts with former member states of the Bromanikan Kingdom prior to their inclusion in the Kodiak Republic. After promotion to Major, he attended Command and General Staff college in Rykkburgh and was selected as a General Staff candidate. Next MAJ Luchens attended graduate school through Kodiak State University and completed a Masters in International Relations. Mr. Luchens spent his final assignments obtaining his doctorate in Defense and Strategic Studies from the Army War College and finally as commander of 6th Ranger Regiment at Joint Base San Chico having reached the rank of Colonel.

Mr. Luchens was elected to the Atlantican House of Deputies in his first election replacing the aging Albrecht von Battenberg who had been a mentor during his military service. Following a series of successful reelections to the House of Deputies, he again won election to replace Albrecht von Battenburg as the Atlantican representative to the Kodiak General Assembly, although this was the result of an armed assassination attempt on the Chancellor's life. Mr. Luchens is the sponsor and writer of several bills to the General Assembly including the recent Water Act of 641, as well as the National Defense Reserve Act of 641.

Additionally he is the founder of the National Unity Party he is currently the leader of.

Political Philosophy

Mr. Luchens has long advocated for a centralized government approach to dealing with multiple crises in the Republic. Government-Corporate cooperation is key to focusing the strength of private capital to benefiting the state. Mr. Luchens has a known history of advocating for increased defense spending and is likely to maintain this position in the wake of recent actions by The Great North. On the topic of environmental issues, he has stated publicly his support of protecting and increasing Kodiak's preserved forest and undeveloped lands. It is expected that Mr. Luchens will likely take a series of hardline policies against domestic terrorist groups and other internal unrest given his past history.

Albrecht von Battenburg-Grafton (Retired)



Out of Character

National History

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