651 Kodiak General Election

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651 Kodiak General Election
← 648 06 Feb 2023 654 →

All 200 seats in the General Assembly
100 seats are needed for a majority
Turnout33,689,946 (48.1%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Charlotte Groves Símôn Kalimeno Tobias Virstürm
Coalition Left Unity Nation First Left Unity
Leader's seat Rosalice West Graz Central Vikstein
Last election 46.5% 27.6% 8.5%
Seats before 105 62 17
Seats won 110 42 32
Seat change Increase 5 Decrease 20 Increase 15
Popular vote 17,619,84 7,849,757 5,087,181
Percentage 52.3 23.3% 15.1%
Swing Increase 5.8% Decrease 4.3% Increase 6.6%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Yungly Shaon
Party CACSPO Unaligned
Leader's seat Anitomea
(at large)
Last election 2.3% 8.2%
Seats before 1 9
Seats won 1 15
Seat change Steady 0 Increase 6
Popular vote 606,419 2,526,746
Percentage 1.8% 7.5%
Swing Decrease 0.4% Decrease 0.7%

General Assembly seats by affiliation after election.
Green Bar represents governing parties.

Chancellor before election

John Edwards

Subsequent Chancellor

Charlotte Groves

The 651 General Election was held on 06 February 2023, with campaigning beginning on 24 January 2023. Incumbent Chancellor John Edwards (KWP) did not feel he had the energy to complete a second term and did not run for re-election. President Patrick Barber (KWP) did not seek re-election. Klaus Mikaelson of the KWP was the only candidate to declare as a candidate for President. Charlotte Groves of the KWP and Simon Kalimeno of the NUP declared as candidates for Chancellor. Chief Justice Martang Eðeltreow lodged his intention to remain midway through the campaign season.

The previous term was notable in the near total domination of the assembly by the KWP and leftist-sympathetic members. While a pro-business tax bill was barely passed midway through the term, social spending was a major topic for the entire term.

The election ran for three days and was certified by the Public Service.

The election was run through the EasyPoll Software on Discord

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