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About Us

Our emblem

The flag of the CACSPO is the flag of the Logo of Chest and Co. the yellow symbolizes wealth and prosperity, the black represents strength and power. The Red circle represents the sun and time continuance.

We believe in a free market and a more free people. We will build a powerhouse of a an economy with an unrestricted market with a life of luxury for those who earn it and no sympathies for those who don’t.

Our Policies


  • Lower taxes on corporations.
  • Reinstituting the gold standard to maintain a more stable currency.

Workers Rights

  • Workers should be able to form unions, a happy worker force is a productive workforce.
  • Minimum wage should be enforced as you need to have people be able to buy the products they’re making.


  • All kodiak citizens should be given a free education until grade 12, preparing them to enter the workforce.
  • Further education should be easily attainable assuming you have the funds.

Social Welfare

  • We believe social welfare should be removed excluding for parents who need financial help to raise their child.


  • Healthcare should be not be a concern of the state, letting private companies handle the work allowing tax dollars to be sent to more important matters.


  • Immigrants should have an easy time entering Kodaik, only needing a background check, any heinous crimes committed within five years not allowing them in, and a basic education excluding children and refugees.

Military and defense

  • The kodiak should have a standing army of volunteers, excluding war time were all able body people should server a 12 month mandatory service, this conscription could be substituted for a amount of money deemed reasonable.


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