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An aerial view of Slaughterham, the constituency's largest town
Current constituency
PartyNational Unity
MGABill Simmons
Local councils

Antillea is a constituency located in eastern Oeilverta. It represented in the General Assembly of the Kodiak Parliament by MGA Bill Simmons since 654.

Constituency profile

During the Bromannikha Dynasty, Antillea was home to the landed gentry, with many large manors and castles dotting the landscape. This wealth carries onto the modern day, with the area being overwhelmingly upper middle class.

Demographically, Antillea is older, with the median age being 45.7. The homeownership rate is 89.9%, one of the highest in the Republic.

The major towns of Antillea are:

Town Population Council
Slaughterham 54,940 Slaughterham Borough
Woolworth 21,395 Woolworth County
Millford 19,948 Keldford County
Kirdale 16,084 Keldford County
Oxbury 13,185 Woolworth County
Knightsbury 11,495 Woolworth County
Nordon 10,489 Slaughterham Borough

Antillea is characterised by its rolling hills and beautiful rivers.

Political History

The constituency of Antillea was formed in 635 as the area saw a population boom. It is a fiercely conservative region of the Republic.

In the 636 Kodiak General Election, Albert Olsson became Antillea's first MGA. He was part of the government's right leaning coalition.

Ever since, Antillea has elected members of the National Unity Party.

Current MGA Bill Simmons has served since 654.

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