New United Economy and Trade for Kodiak

From The Kodiak Republic Wiki

We believe that the only true way to achieve a perfect form of Government is for all the citizens of the Kodiak Republic to come together and give up their possessions to the government and to vote for one small, centralized Government that will keep you safe and that will provide an equal opportunity to all the citizens of the Kodiak Republic.

This way no one person has too much, no person has too little, and everyone is seen upon as equals by those chosen to protect and to serve us. We are focused on providing an equal opportunity to all citizens of the Kodiak Republic so that they may choose how they would like to live their lives, we strive to expand our economy so that we may have more to give to our people and we strive to make education and housing readily available to all families in the Kodiak Republic as soon as possible.

If chosen, we would partially-divert funding to diplomatic matters and to the courts of the Kodiak Republic so that all citizens are equal in the eyes of the law, and we would crack down on corruption so that our citizens can put their faith in us. Our philosophies and beliefs are best represented by the Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, and The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

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