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What we believe in

Establish a fair society, removing all unnecessary hierarchies, extra progressive and modern with equality, education, liberty and art for all! Socialism doesn't HAVE to be restrictive in economic and political liberties, and neither does it have to be “moderate” to be functional. A Jacobin Socialist future is the brightest there is, and with your vote and support, we can improve the system, and make it the people’s system! A better future is possible, both by reform, and revolution!

Our objectives

  • Re-formulate the already established “private property” concept,promoting democracy in the workforce, establishing a cooperative based economy, subsidized by the central government, increasing taxes on “regular” corporations and subsidizing cooperative startup companies as well.
  • The total and complete right to unionize, establishing worker syndicates as the single most important side of Kodiak’s economy, giving the workers independence, freedom and equality
  • The creation of more standardized and regulated job types, relating to cultural and artistic businesses, creating a national art’s syndicate
  • The creation of the “Jacobin Popular Assembly”, where the party can decide and discuss its policy within its members, as well as serving as the major political organization in Kodiak.
  • A strong minimum wage adjusted to inflation every 7 months
  • A regulated socialist market economy that includes the production of commodities of all sorts.
  • The pursuit of all rights for the LGBTQ+ collective, advocating for the recognition of the non-binnary umbrella term as well as the de-genrefication of our public institutions and government led industries.
  • An increase in the progressive tax for the wealthiest members of society
  • Subsidies for all artistic activity in the economy, as well as a promotion for cultural activities of any sort
  • A ban on all trading in the region’s stock market by all members of the assembly, or any political party, meaning no lobbying in favor of big corporations and stock firms.
  • A strong yet federalized state, respecting the individual liberties, cults and languages of the respective people of autonomous and semi-independent regions.
  • A strong welfare state, abolishing private education and healthcare.
  • Creating a “cultural pass” for the youth to buy and acquire cultural and leisure objects or services to promote culture, literature and other artistic activities
  • The abolition of the regular armed police, instead establishing a 2 part law enforcement unit, divided on a civilian, community led un-armed police force, and a military based, armed police force for more “extraordinary” purposes
  • A voluntary military system, with random conscription of willing ex-prisoners, with no major psychological background issues
  • Free public transport for all students, and the establishment of many rural railroads and electrical bus lanes for the most disadvantaged and forgotten areas.
  • A non-biased education system, advocating for rational thought and progressivism, personal capacities and specialized learning from a young age, with no religious or political agenda being pushed on kids, with artistic and other creative studies being valued as much as any other type of studies.
  • The establishment of political youth clubs, where the youth can be heard and organized to discuss different political problems in our society
  • A deep ecological worry, subsidizing a large amount of nuclear industries for the production of electricity and hydrogen plants as the future of the region’s energy source, as well as developing cheaper and more accessible renewable energies for all citizens to enjoy, coming with total nationalization of all energy related industries.
  • A defensive interventionist foreing policy, advocating for peace unless strict necessary military action.
  • The re-establishment of a guillotine based death penalty for big crimes, such as national treason, corruption or fraud.
  • Kodiak should have an easy and progressive inmigration policy, only needing a basic background check (basic documents) and a basic formulary to see what kind of welfare or government help they can get, or how they can be included in society.


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