The Democratic Labour Party of Kodiak

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For a Better Tomorrow

We are committed to providing support to the working class, reestablishing law and order in our streets, and protecting national sovereignty and identity through rigorous but fair immigration processes.


Supporting our Police

Crime is a serious threat to the Kodiak’s sovereignty and safety to the yeeclack citizens. Mobs, riots, and protests pose a serious threat to law abiding, working citizens. The DLPK vows to end this and reclaim our streets in a swift and peaceful manner. We believe that more funding needs to be pumped into the justice system to incarcerate criminals and keep our people safe, whilst protecting peoples’ right to free speech and to peacefully assemble.

Protecting Our Environment

Our environment is in imminent danger, and the DLPK believes we must take an active legislative role in slowing the effects of climate change. Our party is committed to protecting the integrity of our ecosystems and environment to ensure that we will not deplete them of their natural beauty. We’re also committed to setting regulatory measures in place to limit our carbon footprint.


The DLPK believes in strong borders and a rigorous but fair immigration system. Our goals with this system are as follows: protecting national sovereignty and culture, maintaining higher wages for our working class, and ensuring that human smuggling and other trafficking is brought to an end. Strong but fair, a just immigration process.

Universal Healthcare

With the ongoing pandemic, we have all realized how important healthcare is to everyone. That’s why the DLPK believes effective and affordable healthcare should be provided for all. Citizens living in poverty do not have access to basic medical needs - acetaminophen, insulin, asthma respirators, chemotherapy, etc. Healthcare for allensures that no citizen will be left behind because of an inability to pay.

Fighting for Our Workers

Worker’s rights are our foremost concern. We will help to ensure that workers and employers have an equal voice in negotiations and provide workers the opportunity toseek to improve their living and working conditions. Through state-funded employment programs, and representing the interests of workers unions across our nation, we will increase the quality of life for all workers.

Accessible Education

Education will be the key to Kodiak’s success for generations to come, and to manifest that belief, we must make sure that our educational resources are available to any student willing to put the work in to excel. The DLPK will do all it can to fund state-scholarships, grants, and bursaries to ensure that any student that takes their education seriously will be able to continue their educational journey in College or University.


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