The Kodiak Environmentalists Party

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K.E.P Welcome statement

The Kodiak environmentalist party is led by proud Kodiaker Erin Lazi.

Me and my associates believe that to achieve our goals in the socialist world we are inevitably converting to we must focus on our environment.

Without a stable and thriving environment goals such as better human living conditions will be hard to achieve due to health problems that an unstable and dangerous environment causes. Even with low cost or free healthcare, if we keep using non-renewable fuel resources such as crude oil or chopping down forests for new land or lumber it will leave irreversible damage to the planet in the future.

But it is not too late if we can start using renewable energy sources such as wind turbines and dams as well as limiting lumber production. It could save the future of Kodiak as we know it. All we need to do is introduce new environmental policies that help with these problems.

So join up today and help us save Kodiak from environmental disaster and remember a green life is a good life.

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