Gustave Bernier

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Gustave Bernier

Born in 623 in Rykkburg, Gustave Bernier was raised in the capital city where he spent most of his time reading and writing political theory. Originally educated as a sociologist at the State University of Rykkburg, he discovered in 643 the joys of protest alongside the Kodiak Worker's Party. Gustave was eventually chosen as Minister in charge of Education in 647 but had to resign after medical issues.

In 649, Gustave Bernier decided to quit The Kodiak Workers' Party and create Generation.e, an eco-socialist movement to fight against the unipolarity of Kodiak's political landscape after the progressive of traditional parties such as the The National Unity Party.

Bernier's party was forcibly dissolved by the High Court after it was discovered to have used falsified and fraudulent membership data. He resigned the Assembly to avoid facing a vote to be expelled in 650.



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