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About Us

Motto: "Pecunia Opus Populi"

We believe in a free market and a more free people. We will build a powerhouse of a an economy with an unrestricted market with a life of luxury for those who earn it and no sympathies for those who don’t.

Our Flag

In the center is a bird, widely regarded as the symbol of Kodiak. The blue color, on the other hand, symbolizes freshness, a definite difference from red socialism.

Our Demands


  • Lower taxes for corporations and ordinary people, especially income tax.
  • Restoring the gold standard to maintain a more stable currency.

Employee rights

  • Workers should be able to form unions, a happy workforce is a productive workforce.
  • The minimum wage should be enforced because people must be able to buy the products they produce.
  • Workers should have the right to work overtime.
  • Employees should be informed about the hourly rates and bonuses they are entitled to during the interview.


  • All Kodiak citizens should be provided with free education up to the 12th grade, preparing them to enter the labor market.
  • An Education Voucher worth half a month's tuition will be available for each student attending a private school.
  • Over time, we plan to reduce funding for public schools while reducing taxes so that parents can send their children to school.
  • Only one or two free schools in the region remain in use, for students with a very bad financial situation.
  • Further education should be completely privatized.

Social care

  • We believe that social services should be removed, except for parents who need financial assistance for their child's schooling, and veterans.


  • Health care should not be a concern of the state, allowing private companies to do much more efficient and better organized work, allowing tax dollars to be spent on more important things.


  • Immigrants should have easy access to Kodiak, needing only background checks to apprehend murderers, rapists, terrorists, kidnappers, etc. at the border, and basic education to the exclusion of children.
  • Any immigrant staying in Kodiak for more than a month should have a Work Certificate, issued at the time of employment, which also allows you to obtain a passport.

Military and defense

  • Kodiak should have a standing army of 1% of the population, excluding wartime, where all physically fit should do 12 months of mandatory service.
  • Kodiak should have an anti-missile shield, a defensive fortification system and modern equipment.
  • Better to have a few well-equipped soldiers than an army of musketeers.


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