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New Economy for the Generation of Kodiak - NEGK

The ecological emergency is screaming everywhere. In the temperature readings, in the water that is missing from our planet, in the glaciers that are disappearing, in the forests that are burning; in the living that is collapsing, in the injustices that are increasing, in the democracy that is receding. The promise of abundance of liberalism, of those who looked at us with condescension, has been transformed into the massacre of marine and terrestrial ecosystems, into soaring prices, into hunger riots. The planetary limits have been largely exceeded. We were promised abundance, we got poverty, exploitation of people, torture of animals and destruction of the soil. The affirmation of an ecology of rupture is imperative. Our role can no longer be reduced to sounding the alarm. Our goal today is to build a culture of conquest of power in order to implement our project: eco-socialism

Our key policies

1- Ecology:

  • Establishment of a Parliament of Ecology with the participation of NGOs, labor unions and governmental agencies.
  • Establishment of a Green Wealth Tax.
  • Establishment of a Plastic Tax.
  • Reducing the amount of energy produced by fossil fuels by 50% before the year 750 (natural gas, oil, coal)
  • Financing studies on the possible development of green energies in different regions of the Kodiak Republic.
  • Creation of a pollution index for vehicles, vehicles harmful to our ecosystems will be gradually banned from megacities.
  • Investments in public ecological awareness campaigns.
  • Free public transportation.

2- Work policies

  • Establishment of Worker Councils at the head of every company.
  • The 37-hour work week.
  • Annual nationwide salary negotiations led by Labor Unions.
  • 0% unemployment zones experiment with the creation of more public interest temporary positions.
  • Minimum of 5 weeks annual and sick leave
  • Reorganization of salaries by the importance and the demand of a position in society.

3- Industry and Taxation

  • Nationalization of essential services such as Public Transportation, Electricity, Telecommunications, Railways, Airlines, Hire Companies and other public services.
  • Taking into account the annual income, possessions, and number of children when bills for essential public services are calculated.
  • Increase in corporate taxes to 40% of the benefits.
  • Increase of inheritance tax to 50% after 7.000.000 florins.
  • Progressive fines depending on wealth.

4- Civil Rights

  • Recognition of same-sex union.
  • Increase in subsidies for anti-discrimination awareness programs.
  • Legalization of euthanasia for anyone in a state of illness with prior authorization from two doctors.
  • Progressive prohibition of tobacco and non-medecinal drugs in public spaces.
  • Equal access to 25 weeks of parental leave for any parent to be split as convenient between caregivers.
  • Legislate compulsory voting.

5- Health and Education

  • Fully nationalised universal healthcare.
  • Nationalisation of pharmaceuticals research and development corporations.
  • Additionnal development funds to charities dedicated to the well-being of handicaped individuals.
  • Abolition of religious teaching in public schools.
  • Abolition of private education.
  • Abolition of tuition fees.
  • Mandatory unionism of all students from age 14-24
  • Creation of an Insertion Revenue for all citizens

6- Housing

  • Prohibition to evict a tenant from his dwelling in winter
  • Income-based public housing rental rates.
  • Nationwide development of public housing to obtain a private-to-public ratio of 3:1
  • limitation of the highest rental prices to 300% of the median wage.


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