List of presidents of the Kodiak General Assembly

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For leaders of the Kodiak executive government see List of chancellors of the Kodiak Republic.

The leader of the Kodiak General Assembly has been a senior position within the Republic since the Revolution. This list is in reverse chronological order for ease of viewing.

Seventh Kodiak Republic

Assembly Presidents

- Portrait Name
(Birth - Death)
Election Party Notes
7 Stevens portrait.png Jonn Stevens
(618 - )
New Keib
657 Election Democratic
6 Hlaja portrait.png Mivod Hlaja
(??? - )
Astroburg Surrounds
654 Election National
5 Mikaelson portrait.png Klaus Mikaelson
(??? - )
Lobenz Ports
651 Election Kodiak
4 Barber portrait.png Patrick Barber
(595 - )
Rykkburgh South
648 Election Kodiak
645 Election
3 Virsturm portrait.png Tobias Virsturm
(??? - )
642 Election Progressive
639 Election
(1) Guelderlaand portrait.png Ulrykk von Guelderlaand
(567 - 638)
Rykkburgh Central
636 Election Independent
633 Election
2 Delacroix grey portrait.png Amber Delacroix-Grey
(??? - )
Rosalice West
630 Election Independent
1 Guelderlaand portrait.png Ulrykk von Guelderlaand
(567 - 638)
Rykkburgh Central
Formation of
the Seventh Republic

The Interregnum

Sixth Kodiak Republic

Fifth Kodiak Republic

Fourth Kodiak Republic

Third Kodiak Republic

Second Kodiak Republic

First Kodiak Republic

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