633 Kodiak General Election

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633 Kodiak General Election
← 630 28 Sep 2021 636 →

All 200 seats in the General Assembly
100 seats are needed for a majority
Turnout28,202,636 (52.30%)
  First party Second party
Leader Albrecht von Battenburg-Grafton No Leader
Party Unaffiliated
Leader's seat Grafton None
Last election 85.7% 14.3%
Seats before 171 29
Seats won 181 19
Seat change Increase 10 Decrease 10
Popular vote 25,128,548 3,074,088
Percentage 89.1% 10.9%
Swing Increase 3.4% Decrease 3.4%

General Assembly seats by affiliation after election.

Chancellor before election

Ulrykk von Guelderlaand

Subsequent Chancellor

Albrecht von Battenburg-Grafton

The 633 General Election was delayed by eight days due to a flare up of the Kodiak Virus. Originally slated for 20 Sep, it was held on 28 Sep 2021. Incumbent Assembly President Amber Delacroix-Grey declined to run for a second term. Incumbent Chancellor Ulrykk von Guelderlaand stepped down as Chancellor to run as the only candidate for President of the Assembly. Defence Minister Albrecht von Battenberg-Grafton ran as the only candidate for Chancellor.

The election ran for seven days and was certified by Chancellor von Guelderlaand.

The election was run through the Pollmaster Software on Discord

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