639 Kodiak General Election

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639 Kodiak General Election
← 636 07 Mar 2022 642 →

All 200 seats in the General Assembly
100 seats are needed for a majority
Turnout30,371,560 (57.8%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Wesley Karlsson Patrick Barber Oskar Luchens
Coalition Red Coalition Red Coalition Active Opposition
Leader's seat Beaufort Rykkburgh South Atlantica
Last election --% --% --%
Seats before -- -- --
Seats won 56 52 48
Seat change Increase 56 Increase 52 Increase 48
Popular vote 8,473,665 8,018,092 7,319,546
Percentage 27.9% 26.4% 24.1%
Swing Increase 27.9% Increase 26.4% Increase 24.1%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Tobias Virstürm Yungly Shaon
Coalition Red Coalition Independent Opposition Unaligned
Leader's seat Vikstein Anitomea
(at large)
Last election --% --% 27.4%
Seats before -- -- 56
Seats won 22 6 16
Seat change Increase 22 Increase 6 Decrease 40
Popular vote 3,097,899 850,403 2,368,981
Percentage 10.2% 2.8% 7.8%
Swing Increase 10.2% Increase 2.8% Decrease 19.6%

General Assembly seats by affiliation after election.
Green Bar represents governing parties.

Chancellor before election

Alexander Mondo

Subsequent Chancellor

Wesley Karlsson

The 639 General Election was held on March 14, 2022. Two candidates ran for President in this election: Minister of Education and Healthcare, Tobias Virstürm (PPK) and Minister of Justice, Law, and Order, Hoffe Von Richter (Independent). Assembly President Ulrykk von Guelderlaand announced his candidacy to the position of Chancellor but was assassinated by "Kodiak Militia" on February 28th. Two candidates ran for Chancellor in this election: Minister of Transportation, Wesley Karlsson (DLPK) and Assembly Member, Yungly Shoan, CEO of Chest and Co (CACSPO).

Three new political parties participated in the election: the Democratic Labour Party of Kodiak, the Progress Party, and the Chest and Co Sponsored Political Office.

The election ran for three days and was certified by Chancellor Mondo.

The election was run through the EasyPoll Software on Discord

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