669 Kodiak General Election

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669 Kodiak General Election
← 666 24 Jun 2024 672 →

All 200 seats in the General Assembly
100 seats are needed for a majority
Turnout39,016,019 (52%)
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Felix Hurst Jack Williams Braughn Kryos
Coalition Right Alliance New Perspective New Perspective
Leader's seat Antillea San Chico North Bethaven
Last election 42.3% 28.7% 18.3%
Seats before 79 57 41
Seats won 53 49 33
Seat change Decrease 26 Decrease 8 Decrease 8
Popular vote 9,719,985 8,618,893 7,125,938
Percentage 25.6% 22.7% 14.2%
Swing Decrease 16.7% Decrease 6.0% Decrease 4.1%

  Fourth party Fifth party
Leader Antonio Recio Rufián
Party SHRIMP Unaligned
Coalition Right Alliance
Leader's seat Vistad
Last election -- 10.7%
Seats before -- 23
Seats won 24 41
Seat change Increase 24 Increase 18
Popular vote 5,771,241 8,467,018
Percentage 15.2% 22.3%
Swing Increase 15.2% Increase 11.6%

General Assembly seats by affiliation after election.
Green Bar represents governing parties.

Chancellor before election

Jack Williams

Subsequent Chancellor

Felix Hurst

The 669 General Election was held on 24 June 2024, with campaigning beginning on 10 June 2024. The election took place after the collapse of the DPPK/NUP coalition and questionable empowerment of Jack Williams of the DPPK as Chancellor. The incumbent, Williams, declined to nominate, and the Chancellor race was run between Felix Hurst of the NUP, Braughn Kryos as leader of the KWP/KSDP coalition, and Antonio Recio Rufián of the newly formed SHRIMP. The Chief Justice Edward Staples resigned part way through the term and was replaced with Antoine Durand of the Anitomeia Provincial Court. Mr. Durand ran unopposed to fill the vacancy in this election.

The Assembly President was a choice between Alexander Paramount of the NUP and Dr. Dakota Randy Bones of the SHRIMP, making the selection uneventful as both were from the same coalition. Mr. Paramount was declared winner 100 votes to 65.

The previous government was run by the Kodiak Social Democratic Party (after the merger of the Kodiak Social Alliance into the Democratic Progressive Party) in coalition with the Kodiak Workers' Party. The Dissolution of the Maltravers Administration unseated the National Unity Party as the party of government and they were suddenly thrown into opposition. The actions of the General Assembly in this time drew particular ire from the voting public and a number of credible independent candidates arose. The right saw a political split with the creation of the libertarian SHRIMP party led by Antonio Recio Rufian.

The anti-establishment sentiment was clear in the election results as every major party lost seats to independents, however more notable was the shift away from the KWP/KSDP towards the right. Twenty-four independents sided with the NUP/SHRIMP coalition for confidence and supply, resulting in the return of Felix Hurst as Chancellor.

The election ran for three days and was certified by the Public Service.

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