First Hurst Cabinet

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First Cabinet of Felix Hurst
Cabinet Hurst I

19th Cabinet of the
Seventh Kodiak Republic
Date formed14 Feb 669
People and organisations
ChancellorFelix Hurst
Member partyNational Unity
Status in legislatureRight Alliance
101 / 200 (51%)
Opposition partyKodiak Workers
Democratic Progressive
Opposition leaderJoanna Sousa
Election669 General Election
PredecessorWilliams I


The First Williams Cabinet is the current government of the Serene Republic of Kodiak. It is led by Chancellor Jack Williams of the The Democratic Progress Party of Kodiak and Deputy Chancellor Braughn Kryos of The Kodiak Workers' Party.

The breakdown of the DPPK and NUP coalition in October of 666 saw a tense political atmosphere which culminated in a motion of no confidence in the Chancellor. Sitting Chancellor Maltravers resigned in protest of the motion, bringing the Second Maltravers Cabinet to an end on 17 February 667. While the Hurst cabinet was approved by the Assembly, ultimately this cabinet ruled for less than 3 months. Subsequent to the merging of the Kodiak Social Alliance with the DPPK, the DPPK-led Motion of No Confidence resulted in the selection of Jack Williams as Chancellor on 5 May 667.

Mr. Williams was elected under the shadow of his allegedly illegal dealings with elements of the Kodiak Commune, having been sensationally arrested in the lobby of the Kodiak General Assembly Building. Detractors and supporters in the Assembly alike remain divided over the question, and it appears Chancellor Williams will use his position to avoid prosecution.


Portfolio Minister Took Office Left Office Party
Chancellor Felix Hurst 14 February 669 Incumbent - NUP
Deputy Chancellor
Minister of Commerce and Labour
Antonio Recio Rufián 17 February 669 Incumbent - SHRIMP
Minister of Defence and Foreign Affairs A. Jacob Sanford 17 February 669 Incumbent - NUP
Minister of Revenue and Treasury Joshua Atkinson 17 February 669 Incumbent - NUP
Minister of Justice, Law, and Order Coleman Ryle 17 February 669 Incumbent - SHRIMP
Minister of Health and Education J.F. Sassoon 17 February 669 Incumbent - NUP
Minister of Social Services Liam Harrison 05 May 667 Incumbent KWP
Minister of Transportation Dakota Bones 17 February 669 Incumbent - SHRIMP
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