Constituencies of the Kodiak General Assembly

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Map of Kodiak with capital cities marked
Provincial Capitals of the Kodiak Republic, Rykkburgh the national capital.
A map of the Kodiak Republic with provinces overlay
Provinces of the Kodiak Republic

Constituencies elect Representatives to serve in the General Assembly of the Kodiak Republic. Constituencies are situated in provinces which serve as administrative regions in Kodiak. Capitals have more than one constituency given their size, however all other constituencies represent a single location in a province (e.g., a single city, a town and surrounds).


The provincial capital of Anitomea is Rosalice with three constituencies.

  • Rosalice West - Rosalice west side, port district and surrounds. Representative: Charlotte Groves
  • Rosalice Central - Central Rosalice CBD and surrounds. Representative: Hester Sirocco-Loren

The Darrent

The provincial capital of the Darrent is Taiping with four constituencies.

The Eruestani Penninsula

The provincial capital of the Darrent is Duckburg with eight constituencies.


The provincial capital of Godsith is Mengtian with two constituencies.


The provincial capital of Karputska is Astroburg with two constituencies.


The provincial capital of Kavergraith is Robingrad with two constituencies.


The provincial capital of Oeilverta is Lobenz with two constituencies.


The province of Olympiatus contains the national capital Rykkburgh with two constituencies.

  • Ardania - In regional Olympiatus. Representative: John Edwards
  • Rykkburgh Central - Central CBD and Northern Suburbs. Includes Combined Army/Airforce base.

Current Representative: 638 - Present Willard Magnus Ward Former Representative: 628-638 Ulrykk von Geulderlaand

  • Rykkburgh South - Southern Rykkburgh urban areas and surrounds.

Current Representative: 635-654 Patrick Barber


The provincial capital of Sadore is San Chico with three constituencies.


The provincial capital of Seathenia is Graz with two constituencies.

  • Graz Central - Central Graz CBD and surrounds. Representative: Simon Kalimeno


The provincial capital of Sjokalade is Crystal City with three constituencies.

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